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Machen MacDonald: Avoid the CRASH

Machen MacDonald
Pro Brilliance

Leading people to get things done in business happens at the speed of thought. Navigating at such high velocity can easily cause a crash which can result in demotivation of others or worse, irreparable mistakes and damages.

Here are five ways to avoid crashing:

C – Criticizing. Avoid criticizing and even critiquing. Rather, ask what went well, what do you feel proud of and is there anything that could be done differently next time. If needed, ask if they are willing to receive some input or feedback at this time. If yes, then suggest your idea and ask if they would be willing to incorporate it.

R – Rewinding. Too often the past is brought up over and over to prove a point. We can never step into the same river twice, since the water is always flowing past where we stepped into originally. Assess the current situation and operate from where you are.

A – Awfulizing. There is no room for overreacting to what has occurred. As a leader we need to evaluate the situation, learn from it, mitigate risk, and empower others to move forward.

S – Shaming. There is no room in the work place or anywhere else to go passive aggressive on someone. Doing so is a tragic effort to get them to perform better. The silent treatment, pulling guilt strings, blaming, sarcasm, or distortion of facts are all forms of shaming. Good leaders ask clearly for what they need done, check in to make sure the expectations are clear and get agreement. Then they hold their people accountable to the agreement from their full potential.

H – Holding back. Strong leaders that get the best out of their people don’t hold back when it comes to praise and honor of their people. They don’t hold back in celebrating wins and accomplishments. They don’t hold back from telling the truth to guard the mission or grow their people.

During your interactions with your team this week be sure to avoid the CRASH and watch their performance accelerate.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

#1 bestselling author Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley, CA. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000

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