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Heart-conscious chiropractic: ‘He works magic,’ say patients of Grass Valley’s John Mayfield

Lorraine Jewett
Special to The Union
John Mayfield, Doctor of Chiropractic, examines Erin Pardini, a patient of 20 years who said, “He works magic.”
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John L. Mayfield, Doctor of Chiropractic

Monday – Thursday 9:20 AM – 5 PM


565 Brunswick Road, Suite 12

Grass Valley 95945

It wasn’t long before John L. Mayfield realized all he’d learned while earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree would not be enough.

“When I got out of school, I thought realigning the spine would do everything,” remembered Mayfield, who earned a doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1972. “Then I found that people would come in with the same misalignments over and over again. I started rubbing out the injured muscles. Then the adjustments would hold and the person would evolve to the next level.”

The shortcomings of traditional chiropractic practices became increasingly obvious to Mayfield as his practice evolved and he developed new procedures to address his patients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

“Medical physiology is atheistic. It’s only what you can weigh and measure. It doesn’t take into account your emotions, spirit, soul, God, or anything other than just physical and mental,” Mayfield explained.


Mayfield began attending seminars where he learned each organ is part of a person’s total consciousness.

“And then when I discovered the Five Elements, I realized that all of those teachers were borrowing directly or indirectly from the Five Elements,” recalled Mayfield.

Mayfield uses the Five Elements, the basis of acupuncture, as a diagnostic tool in his chiropractic practice.

“The Five Elements is the most accurate diagnostic system in the world,” continued Mayfield. “It allows you to practice with certainty to see the problems, how it interconnects between the organs and the muscles that make electrical energy for that particular organ system. When you combine medical physiology with Five Elements physiology, everything in the body makes sense.”


In simplified terms, the Five Elements are:

Wood — How you assert yourself; the liver and gallbladder are the organs of the element of wood.

Fire — Love; the heart and small intestine are the organs of the fire element.

Earth — Resonance; the stomach, spleen, and pancreas are the organs of earth, the largest of the Five Elements.

Metal — The power to grieve; through the lungs and large intestine you take in and let go.

Water — Fear; the kidneys are the intuitive brains and the bladder expresses feelings.


Mayfield has authored two books. The first, “Body Intelligence: How to ‘Think’ Outside Your Brain,” was named Best New Non-fiction in 2009 by USA Best Books. His second book, released last summer, is titled “Body Intelligence: A New Paradigm ­— Living a Heart-Centered Life in a Mind-Centered World.” It’s available as a paperback from Amazon, and in electronic form on Kindle, Apple and eBooks.

“You can also get an autographed copy directly from me,” smiled Mayfield. He will learn April 25 at the Northern California Publishers and Authors awards banquet whether his second tome wins an award.

“I started re-writing sections of my first book, and eight years later I had re-written the entire book. It feels complete now,” said Mayfield. “It shows people how to organize their lives so that they come into harmony with how their body operates.”


In some ways, Mayfield is a victim of his own success. Judy Mayfield, the chiropractor’s wife of 28 years and his office manager, said her husband’s practice is always accepting new patients.

“He gets people healed up so we need new patients constantly,” said Judy, an artist whose pottery and fused dichroic glass adorn one of the treatment rooms. “We’ll see people on the street that we haven’t seen for 20 years, and they’ll say ‘I regularly do the exercises you gave me and I haven’t needed to see a chiropractor since.’ If you stay with a preventive treatment plan, you can really heal deep old issues and stay well.”

Half of each 40-minute treatment session involves Mayfield providing deep-tissue massage to heal soft tissue trauma. The other half consists of gentle realignment procedures. On average, the cost is $80 per visit. Patients must be active in their own care and do exercises prescribed by Mayfield which promote correct posture, gait, and ergonomics.

“It’s a circular energy that happens,” explained Mayfield. “It’s not that I’m going to fix you. Instead, we work together.”


Mayfield said part of his treatment modality is to track patients to see where their consciousness has gone awry, and suggest simple changes that allow them to “figure out their life.”

“For instance, a person might come in with low back pain. It winds up being the system of the heart protector, which the buttocks muscles make energy for. The person could be holding onto pain from a relationship issue. By being able to forgive, they can resolve the root of the problem while I rub out the injured muscles and realign the spine.”

“He saved our lives,” declared Erin Pardini, describing how Mayfield started treating her family 20 years ago. “It’s the teaching part. He taught us how to take care of ourselves while he took care of us. We’ve had 20 years of little lessons about how to walk, sit, and breathe. He works magic.”

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