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‘Disaster-proof your business’ workshop set for May 17

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One in four small businesses never reopen after a disaster. Nine in 10 fail within a year unless they are able to reopen within five days of a disaster.

A free half-day workshop slated for May 17 at the Foothills Event Center, 400 Idaho Maryland Rd. Grass Valley, will discuss how to “Disaster-Proof Your Business.”

Grass Valley is a “severe wildfire risk” community, Cal Fire’s highest-risk category, yet many businesses remain ill prepared for the risks posed by wildfire. At the Disaster-Proof Your Business workshop, businesses will learn how to prepare their employees, operations, and assets before disaster strikes. Workshop co-hosts are Sierra Business Council, Valley Vision, and the Greater Grass Valley Chamber.

All attendees will also be entered into a raffle to win a grand prize: a $225 Emergency Survival Kit. This kit will provide sanitation, food, water, light, communication, warmth and tools for a business of up to 10 employees.

For questions, please contact Nikki Caravelli at 530-582-4800 or ncaravelli@sierrabusiness.org.

Source: Sierra Business Council

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