Bruce Williams: 2 advisors are better than 1 |

Bruce Williams: 2 advisors are better than 1

DEAR BRUCE: My wife and I both have good jobs and will have over $1 million to invest at retirement from our lump-sum company pensions and 401(k) plans. Should we both use the same financial adviser or each have our own separate adviser? My fear is that if we invest with one firm, there is the potential for greater loss if the adviser makes poor decisions. What are your thoughts on this? — Rob

DEAR ROB: Clearly, you and your wife have done well and have things under control. You raise an interesting question. In my opinion, having two financial advisers is the way to go. That doesn’t mean you’ll always listen to one for one of you and another for the other one. You’ll be able to compare two sets of financial advice based on gain and loss. The idea of getting two separate opinions makes sense, and you should be congratulated.

DEAR BRUCE: I need help. I had an accident at a big chain grocery store while I worked as a temp over Christmas stocking shelves. The injury I sustained is a permanent one. I started the process for workers’ compensation. My question is, how long do they pay benefits to me, and do they pay for pain and suffering?

— Concerned Reader

DEAR READER: That the accident happened in a big chain store is good, but the fact that you were a temp is not exactly in your favor. In all likelihood you won’t be given the same courtesy as you would if you were a permanent employee.

With that being said, I can’t tell you how long benefits will be paid or if you’ll be paid for pain and suffering. Making the assumption that you can demonstrate the accident was part of your job, you might be collecting benefits for life. Be certain that you get the best workers’ compensation attorney you can find.

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