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Bush and terrorism

Bush insists that Americans are safer from terrorists now thanks to him. His efforts in Iraq are a critical part of his anti-terrorism effort. Bush unquestionably considers the insurgents in Iraq to be terrorists.

Pre-9/11, relatively few Americans died from terrorism. Now, Americans die every single day as the result of activities Bush considers terrorism; 1,037 Americans have died in Iraq ” all supposedly related to terrorism.

And American deaths are increasing:

From the day Bush incorrectly declared “Mission Accomplished” through to Iraqi “sovereignty,” 423 Americans died in Iraq. That’s about 1.7 American deaths a day due to terrorism.

From the date of Iraqi sovereignty through Sept. 20, 183 Americans died in Iraq. That’s about 2.2 American deaths a day due to terrorism.

From Sept. 1 through Sept. 20, 59 Americans died in Iraq. That’s almost three American deaths a day due to terrorism.

Americans are dying daily from terrorist-related-activities because Bush invaded Iraq on multiple false premises: WMD, ties to al-Qaida and open-armed gratitude for our presence. Once he occupied Iraq, Bush completely bungled his nation-building enterprise.

Americans are more at risk than ever from terrorism – dying daily – and it’s directly Bush’s fault.

Mary Longmore

Grass Valley

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