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Buffalo go on the lam

It sounds like the beginning of one of those bar jokes. A donkey and two buffalo walk into a bar…

But Saturday morning, that’s exactly the sight that greeted bemused residents of Alta Sierra Ranches. A buffalo cow and her calf, accompanied by a guard donkey, escaped from their enclosure on Dog Bar Road Saturday and were spotted on Tiger Tail and Buck Ridge roads. While the donkey was recaptured, the two buffalo remained on the lam Monday.

Owner Gary Dugger said he had owned buffalos for six years and never had any trouble with them.

But two weeks ago, his bull died from parasites, he said.

“The cow started going crazy, she got goofy,” Dugger said. “She started tearing things up, busting stuff. She eventually tore through the back fence, I assume looking for the bull.”

The cow took off with her 1-year-old calf and were noticed to be missing Saturday.

“About 9 in the morning, I got a call from my neighbor, asking me if I’d looked out the window recently,” said Stuart Gold, who lives in the 19000 block of Buck Ridge Road.

When Gold’s neighbor told him about his large visitors, “I asked him if he’d been drinking,” he laughed.

“I tried to approach them, but they were skittish, to say the least,” Gold said. “They were happy to be out. Anytime I approached, they would run off.”

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