Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (September 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (September 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper, September 1920:

Pete Muscardini was killed when he jumped from a moving auto — It was night and the glow from the red tail light in the exhaust looked to him as if the rear of the car was on fire.

Weather good until a cold rain around the 23rd.

Alpha Hardware stockholders name officers — Fred Cassidy, president; J.A. Curnow, vice president; H.G. Rowe, secretary and treasurer, Miss Mabel Temby, assistant secretary.

Word from New Haven, Connecticut says the submarine, S-5, has been submerged for 35 hours and a destroyer has been sent to her rescue.

All Nevada City meat markets will close next week for Labor Day and Admission Day.

S-5 crew escapes — gives captain, Lt. Charles Cook, Jr., credit for their survival.

Thieves stole tools from the Pittsburg mine on Gold Flat.

The County of Illinois plans to execute 12 men in two days; eight one day, four the next.

Crowds throng Labor Day picnic at Watt Park.

Heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey knocked out Billy Miske in the third round of a 10-round match.

Mike Shea and E.O. Carvin were injured in a car accident near Alleghany.

L.C. Thornton of Fresno received an aviator’s license — he is armless.

Local fruit growers decry dearth of freight cars — fruit beginning to spoil.

Lloyd George said release of Irish hunger strikers is possible.

The Grass Valley Board of Education discussed the need for a new high school.

Japanese charged with violating Monroe Doctrine — have seized Turtle Island, off the coast of Lower California.

A tug of war between the Empire and North Star mines was held at Watt Park. After 45 minutes, the Empire was declared the winners by a small margin.

Cliff Durant, noted auto race, drove a high-powered car from Oakland to Reno in eight hours.

ZaSu Pitts starts in Bright Sky at the Auditorium.

An airplane flew over Grass Valley yesterday at a high elevation.

Randolph Alpers had both legs broken in a rock slide near Crystal Springs.

James Murphy and his aunt, Mrs. William Hogan of Washington, were walking near town when a rattlesnake attacked Mrs. Hogan. It snagged its fangs in Mrs. Hogan’s dress, saving her from harm, then slithered away.

Some unknown man in a Ford hit a cow near Sunnybrook Farm, breaking the animal’s leg, then sped off.

Twenty-nine in explosion in New York’s financial district. Soviet radicals suspected.

Tillie Gallinatti files for divorce — claims living with her husband, John, is a danger to her mental and physical condition.

California’s population stands at 3,400,000 — 10th largest state in the Union.

A new auto-stage line to Auburn has been inaugurated.

Workmen are tearing out the old planking of the Pine Street bridge to make way for a new flooring of Oregon pine.

Henry Richards, a nearby rancher, faces non-support charges by his wife.

Mrs. Anna Bishop received word that the body of her son Lester, killed during the war, is in New York. He was born and raised in French Corral.

Governor Cox, Democratic candidate, escapes death in Arizona train wreck as rails spread.

Guy Carnegie was arrested after a short tussle for driving while intoxicated.

A grand jury in Chicago is investigating charges that last year’s World Series between Chicago and Cincinnati was thrown by members of the Chicago team at the behest of gamblers.

A truck damaged a fire hydrant on Sacramento Street — the hydrant had to be removed and repaired.

A Glenn County rancher killed a mountain lion weighing 338 pounds.

J.A. Ducoty garage on Main Street has an Overland, a Maxwell and a Ford for sale.

The suit of Joseph Spence against Henry Williams over an auto wreck was thrown out — the judge said both were at fault.

Game warden O’Connor arrested Burt Saunders who was driving in a reckless manner.

Gong Ming Set, aged Chinese miner, pass to the great beyond and was placed in the hospital cemetery. He lived at North Bloomfield for many years.

Buck Jones stars in the western “The Last Straw” at the Nevada Theater.

Mrs. Caroline Williams, 78, who lived here since the 1860s, passed away.

A regular baby clinic class will be held at the Grass Valley library this afternoon from 2 to 4.

Iowa Hill, the old Placer County mining town, was almost wiped out by fire.

Loma Rica fruit brings top price in Chicago — King David apples go for $4.25 a box.

A New Mexico man grew corn from kernels discovered in old Aztec ruins.

Born in Grass Valley to Mr. and Mrs. John Luzmoor — a son.

The Sierra Club is seeking information on John Ridge, early day poet who is believed buried in the old Greenwood cemetery.

Wendell Parsons, 7, was painfully injured when he fell from a slide in the Washington school play yard.

Giants’ manager Charles MacGraw is accused of hitting Wilton Lackaye while pretending to want to shake the man’s hand. Lackaye fell, breaking a leg.

Comiskey ousts seven Sox players for graft, among them Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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