Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (October 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (October 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper, October 1920:

The body of an infant was found in Deer Creek — Nevada City roused by death of a baby girl.

Sinn Fein leaders are marked for assassination by British government.

A cool 1st gives way to heavy rain from the 7th through the 20th. Then cold and dry.

The Judson ranch on Alta hill lost a barn and 25 tons of hay to a fire.

Brooklyn and Cleveland face off for the Series.

Cornish wrestling will be featured at the Elks Hall Friday night.

Crops and homes were burned in Ireland in retaliation for an unsuccessful raid by the Sinn Fein on place barracks.

Two women face coroner’s jury in the death of the baby girl.

Carol Rolph Jr. of Chicago Park was charged with refusing to help fight a forest fire.

Indians win first game, 3-1.

The Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce plans a grand masked ball with sheet and pillowcase for All Hallows’ Eve.

Three Negroes hanged by infuriated mob for shooting Florida man.

A small fire was started by an electric iron in Jo V. Snyder’s kitchen.

“Spitball” Grimes closes out Cleveland in second game, 3-0.

Twenty-five members of King Vidor’s movie company are filming a western around Truckee.

Irish home rule refused by Lloyd George.

Pearl and Ruby Hunter, 16-year-old twins from Chico, were arrested in Truckee, where they had eloped with two wealthy hindoo ranchers.

Brooklyn takes third game, 2-1.

A Sacramento man bags a 208-pound deer near Columbia Hill.

Brooklyn massacred in fourth game, 5-1.

Energy restrictions on street, window and signs have been eliminated.

Cleveland wins fifth game, 1-0.

Dr. Cornell treated N. Nankervis, who stepped on an upright nail.

Nationwide booze ring found in Chicago.

Coroner’s jury names Mamie North, a divorced woman, the mother of the dead baby. She claims it was stillborn.

Man-of-War wins $75,000 purse in Windsor, Ontario.

A portion of shaft was blocked in the Empire mine when an ore car jumped the track — no injuries.

Cleveland takes series in sixth game, 3-0.

Popular jazz dancing continues at the Elks Hall in Grass Valley.

Revenue Department said home winemaking OK if for personal use — limit, 200 gallons a year.

The old Hurd building in Truckee, once one of the town’s most popular drinking places, burned down.

Cleveland fans unleash uncontrolled demonstration at news of Series win.

The district attorney has forced several women out of houses on Truckee’s Jibboom Street, accused of prostitution and selling moonshine liquor.

Crowds in Irogheda, Ireland, were panicked when Black and Tans opened fire on them.

Mount St. Mary’s commercial department offers high school graduates classes in commercial and business skills at reasonable terms.

Anarchists planned an overthrow in Italy — police there arrest 108 suspects.

Cattle belonging to Rough and Ready rancher Herbert Black are stranded by snow above Bowman Lake.

Paving of highway between the Twin Cities is almost complete.

T.R. Pell, president of Norambagua mining, is in town — old Norambagua mine may be opened.

Chicago’s Cook County grand jury brings charges against players who threw 1919 World Series.

Nevada City donates $717 to the Orphans Fall Festival.

Deep snows came early to Graniteville. Thomas Staples and Willie and Johnnie Magonigal came up from Smartsville to drive out their cattle.

Five stills and 1,500 gallons of liquor are seized in San Francisco.

A.B. Snyder, Studebaker dealer, has the new light “Baby” six Studebaker on display — a wonderful, small, light and economical vehicle.

Meanwhile, George Brothers have a new shipment of Dodge Brothers cars in, and the Taylor Foundry is receiving Ford tractors.

Carroll Berryman, 4, celebrated his birthday with 20 of his little friends at his Conaway Avenue home.

Autos will try to open the road to Truckee from Colfax — presently goes to Soda Springs.

Sam Veal was slightly injured on the Empire road when his car was struck by V. Mazzanti of Nevada City, whose brakes failed. Mazzanti offered to pay all damages.

The Mobley store in North Bloomfield will close — Mobley to go to work for Alpha Hardware.

Jack Dempsey to fight France’s George Carpentier in Nevada — $500,000 purse.

Victor Venney of Truckee was injured by a falling timber while working on the snowsheds. He was sent to the railroad hospital in San Francisco.

Nevada County gold production for 1919 was $3,058,000.

Henry Wark and John O’Connor were instantly killed near Birchville while working on the power line — they came in contact with a 30,000 line.

The 5-year-old son of Jerry Forrest died of scarlet fever.

The Union endorses Harding and Coolidge in the upcoming election.

Goblins to be in full sway tonight for Halloween.

Considerable work is being done on Gilmore Field. Should be the best airfield between Sacramento and Reno. Lyman Gilmore is considering building another airplane.

A way has been found to process the ore at Meadow Lake and a cyanide plant has been put in — should recover 93% of the gold.

Miss Minnie North was given a six-month suspended sentence for failing to record her baby’s birth.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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