Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (October 1919) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (October 1919)

Brad Prowse

From the pages of The Union newspaper in October 1919:

Senator Hiram Johnson spoke against the League of Nations at the Bret Harte hotel — says no American soldiers will be sent to foreign battlefields.

The State Railroad Commission ruled that the Narrow Gauge must pay half the cost for a trestle at Town Talk.

Unsettled weather turns stormy on the second, then cold and overcast off and on from mid-month on.

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Cincinnati wins first game against Chicago — 9 to 1.

A Cecil B. De Mille film shows at the Strand tonight.

Cincinnati repeats on the 2nd game — 4 to 2.

William Cornelius captured a porcupine and was exhibiting it in a barrel on Main Street.

Wilson declared very sickk — confined to bed.

Dobbin is slowly being replaced by the auto — there are 33,000 fewer horses in the state than last year with the average price dropping from $98 to $91.

White Sox take 3rd game — 2 to 6.

Two new camping grounds to be built — one near Tahoe, the other near Cisco.

Senators call for a platform of straight Americanism.

Tony Paladini pulled a monster trout from Deer Creek–twenty-six and one half inches long and weighing seven and three quarters pounds. Caught on a No. 4 hook with a 5 ounce rod.

Cincinnati wins 4th game — 2 to 0.

The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce will discuss camping areas for tourists.

Cincinnati takes 5th game — 5 to 0.

The big dam at Bullards Bar is completed. It will restrain tailings from hydraulic mines.

White Sox win 6th game — 5 to 4.

Sid Thomas, out hunting with three dogs, spotted a buck. The dogs gave chase and all four animals went off a 200-foot cliff and were killed.

Three aviators killed in a transcontinental airplane race. One is Mather Field Major D. H. Crissy.

Jack Townsand to marry Beatrice Williams. He is employed at the Champion Mines.

White Sox take 7th game — 4 to 1.

Cincinnati Reds take series — final score was 10 to 5 in 8th game.

John Brice injured his foot at the North Star Mine and John Steele was injured in the Empire when he was squeezed between a car and the wall.

Japanese newspapers claim that the Japanese are destined to rule the world.

The Grass Valley Jr. Class was entertained by Mrs. Annie Tin Loy at Glenbrook Park.

Lieutenant Maynard wins cross-country airflight — 25 hours flying time, 76 actual.

A Max Sennett comedy shows at the Auditorium.

Henry Williams and a party of deer hunters ran across a young fawn with one front foot gone. Williams is trying to get permission to keep the animal as it will not survive in the wild.

Wilson’s condition is thought to be improving.

Emil Ott, Jr., returned home from the Navy.

There is exceptional happiness, contentment and prosperity among the Negroes in Mississippi, according to a survey made by a Chicago committee.

The National Hotel is taken over by an Oakland firm.

Water rates rise as Grass Valley loses liquor licence funds.

Miss Ada Rich, water collector, will receive a raise to $58.50 a month from $45.

A high-speed airplane flew over the area yesterday — possibly one of the transcontinental race planes.

Ed Fisk was seriously injured when a six-horse lumber outfit went over the grade near the old Rome Power House.

The transcontinental air race proves the feasibility of air commerce — fighting planes should be able to cross the country in three days.

Mrs. Sophoro Penrose passed away at North Bloomfield.

Prospector John LaMoine was found dead in Death Valley along with his two mules — perished near Furnace Creek.

The Nevada County Sanatorium on Coyote Street will have a hot water heating plant added to warm all rooms.

Nevada City High School has a girl’s basketball team — Miss Fidella Legg is captain and Miss Nathelle Breese is manager.

Grass Valley high students to make big medicine in a rally before the football game Saturday.

An American counselor-general, William Jenkins has been kidnapped in Mexico and held for $150,000 ransom.

Miss Lillian Peach was operated on for an exploded appendix. Her condition is guarded.

Nation’s 14th census soon to be taken.

After being buried in the Broad Street cemetery for 66 years, her son ordered the remains of Mrs. T. A. Livermore to be sent back to Illinois to lie beside her husband. He was an early-day Nevada County pioneer.

Miss Alma Garth, daughter of Judge Garth, fractured a leg during the pep rally when she fell.

Ex-President Roosevelt left an estate of $810,000.

Grass Valley rugby football team took Nevada City, 28-0.

A Japanese man tried to run a flim-flam game in Truckee. He was last seen hoofing it to Reno.

Grass Valley’s Fighting Dick Trounce won his bout against Kid Spiers, a colored fighter, in Oakland.

Coal miners may walk out — 500,000 strong. Government moves to protect public.

Little James Nelson of Camptonville died and was buried there. The parents are broken hearted over the loss of their little one, a bright and cheerful lad.

The Senior Class of the high school will hold a Halloween dance at the Grass Valley Elks lodge. Halloween for the past years has changed from pranks and mischief to parties and socials.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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