Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (November 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (November 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper, November 1920:

J.A. Teale of Nevada City was shot by a man who mistook him for a bear — he’ll go through life with a stiff leg.

Turks take Armenian town — massacre 10,000 after seven-month siege.

The Gold Flat Hallowe’en party was a complete success with many school children attending.

Irish nightriders shoot police in raids.

Mary Pickford stars in The Hoodlum at the Nevada Theater.

Armistice Day plans are being made by the American Legion.

It was dry and cold until the 7th, then stormy until the 21st. Rain again right after Thanksgiving, but fair at month’s end.

The Grass Valley school board discussed the need for a new gymnasium.

Harding our new president — wins in a landslide.

Miss Pearl Stennett is the new teacher at Indian Springs school.

The Marconi company transmitted the human voice across the Atlantic without wires for the first time.

Gold Flat school cleaned up on the Washington school, winning at volleyball and baseball.

Harding declares League of Nations dead, but U.S. will help to forge a new international organization.

Four more policeman murdered in Dublin while soldiers making a raid on a defenseless town were surprised by townspeople who drove them off, killing three.

A kettle of boiling water spilled on little John Marshal, 11 months. It proved fatal.

PG&E petitions Railway Commission for a rate increase.

The Post Office lawn in Grass Valley came near to being ruined by a drove of cattle being driven through town by Miller & Lux. The riders finally got them under control.

Two Americans were murdered at the Tampico oilfields in an attempted payroll holdup. Bandits grabbed a heavy sack from their care and fled — with the tire chains.

The Mattley Airplane Company is at Gilmore field, giving locals rides.

Ty Cobb, Detroit outfielder, will play an exhibition game in Marysville.

Little Carl Whiting was watching a plane fly overhead. Looking skyways, he stepped backward and fell, breaking a leg.

Immigration threat to America seen as many countries send single women and widows to our shores but few men.

Mattley Aviation covered a circle of 60 miles in 51 minutes with a 600 pound load, proving an aerial service to the mines would be practical.

Bolsheviks plan conquest of U.S. A horde of spies and agitators tried to gain admission to our shores.

A double-header of soccer matches today at Watt Park.

Irish home rule passes Commons — six Ulster counties exempt.

Harry Carey in Sundown Slim at the Nevada Theater.

In the wake of the baseball scandal, Judge Landis will rule baseball interests dictatorially.

The freshman class of the Grass Valley high school had a pastie sale this morning at the city hall.

Mildred Chaplin was given a divorce from comedian Charlie Chaplin. Testimony showed him in a poor light.

Mt. St. Mary’s graduates a class of office girls — good jobs said to be waiting.

The Grass Valley rifle club is seeking a place to practice indoors during the winter months.

Federal Government is looking into a Federal highway system.

New county hospital wing open — will house sick ward and operating rooms. One wing yet to be built.

Sherman Clay will have a new showroom for their musical wares here.

Miss Blanche Hill, a woman of means, has been staying at a local hotel. She has a history of madness and is being taken to the Napa asylum.

Water pours into Sacramento valley, braking levees and flooding farmland.

A Thanksgiving ball will be given at the Red Men’s hall.

A second power plant is open near Lake Spaulding.

Nevada County apples won first prize at the Food Products Show in Berkeley.

A tornado hit the Hawkins’ ranch south of Grass Valley — tore up a shed and damaged trees.

Several people are taking the Pasteur treatment after being bitten by a mad dog yesterday in Grass Valley.

The outgoing Narrow Gauge train jumped the tracks just outside town — no injuries.

Grass Valley nightwatchman Otto Rust captured the culprit responsible for several robberies of business houses — he is underage so his name is withheld.

Reports from New Guinea say two white men and ten native carriers were killed and eaten by cannibals.

A film on cannibal life will play tonight at the Nevada Theater.

Earnest Uren weds Alma Thomas — he works at the North Star.

Nevada City Donation Day took in $300, along with clothing and food.

Frank Davis and Gordon Scadden take over Empire market.

Local Red Cross membership reaches 1,058.

The future of Grass Valley is at stake — vote for a modern city government charter by marking ‘yes’ on the ballot.

Jack Lewis, who has been ill in Graniteville, was brought to the Nevada City Sanitarium where he is improving.

In the movie, The Grim Game, playing at the Auditorium, a man swings from one flying airplane to another by a rope tied to one of the aircraft. While filming the scene, the two planes bumped and all fell to the ground. Miraculously, no one was hurt and the scene was captured on film.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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