Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (May 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (May 1920)

Brad Prowse

From the pages of The Union newspaper (May 1920):

R. Franzini of Truckee had a stock of liquor stolen from his home. Other valuables were left untouched.

Chihuahua, Mexico, is captured by rebels.

The old Willow Valley mine will soon have 10 stamp mills.

Juarez falls to revolutionaries.

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Except for a thundershower mid-month, May was dry.

Two more Americans are murdered in Mexico.

Henry German started an auto service between Nevada City, and Downieville.

Gov. Johnson leads Hoover in the race for Republican presidential nominee.

Villa joins revolution — will supply 10,000 troops.

SP brakeman Robert Williams crushed to death between two cars in Colfax yard — his foot became caught in a switch frog.

Aviation experts call for federal legislation to standardized aircraft laws.

The road to Graniteville is now open to auto traffic.

Herman Joerschke, 70, ill for months, died.

A man named Burton and two other Grass Valley men swung up Broad Street from Pine at a rapid rate and turned an auto on its side. The car was righted and the men drove off.

Jackson, Wyoming claims to be the first city in the world to have all town officials be women.

Mrs. Carl Fredericks of Chicago Park is seriously ill.

A Thomas Marozczk threw his 8-year-old daughter 150 feet into the Niagara gorge and then jumped in himself. Both are still alive but are not expected to live.

Despite keep off the grass signs, someone rode a horse over the Grass Valley post office lawn, one of the finest expanses of grass in the area.

Everd LeDu, 12, was burned by boiling water while helping with the family wash on Race Street.

Litigation between the Original Sixteen-to-One mine and the Twenty-One mine over disputed veins, was won by the former, who received $60,000 as part settlement.

Twelve killed and a number wounded at Matewan, West Virginia in a clash between miners and law officers.

Nevada County and Citizen Banks merge — assets will be $3,500,000.

Those of Japanese ancestry living in Hawaii are ready to fight against their kinsmen in Japan if it comes to war, said M. Nakamoto of Hilo. He favors ending schools teaching the Japanese language and culture there.

All plot owners in the Masonic cemetery are asked to clean up same at once.

Arthur J. Eller, a soldier, married an English girl while fighting in France. When the two returned to the U.S., Eller discovered the woman was the twin of the woman he married. She then promptly left for New Orleans with another man, leaving Eller to file for divorce from her sister.

Al Sears’ dogs raided Charles Dow’s chicken yard on North Auburn Street, killing 18 birds.

President Carranaza is driven from office and killed by rebels.

Mr. A.H. Palmer, a government official from San Francisco, visited Grass Valley and was disappointed to not find some memorial to Dr. Josiah Royce, noted scholar and philosopher from Grass Valley. He suggested the local library should bear his name.

An unknown birdman buzzed the town yesterday, flying over the city hall at a very low height.

Another auto camping party occupied the new camp site on Coyote Street and will spend a few days. They are from Santa Barbara.

Huerta proclaimed provisional president of Mexico.

Gasoline is becoming hard to find in the Sierra towns. Gas thieves have become a problem.

Disorder and rage are rife throughout Ireland.

Thomas Bradbury bought a new Dodge touring car from George Brothers in Grass Valley.

Frank Parker, a wealthy Bay Area lumberman, was found not guilty in setting of a firearm trap on his property that killed a 13-year-old boy who was trespassing. The court held a man has a right to set a trap where outsiders are forbidden to trespass.

Dry officers raid a Truckee soft drink store but find no alcohol.

George Brothers made a Paul Revere dash to Sacramento yesterday, bringing back a truck load of gasoline.

Two miners were gassed at the Sultana mine — they will recover.

A.A. Jenkins of Grass Valley found five $20 gold pieces, dated from the 1870s, while cleaning his cellar.

Grass Valley High to graduate 27 students.

Fred Thomas is killed by a rock fall in the Pennsylvania mine.

John Rafter, Nevada City’s veteran nightwatchman for 20 years, was stricken with an enlarged heart — his position will be taken over by another temporarily.

Memorial Day will be observed with services at local cemeteries.

In Washington, Rep. Connolly introduces a bill stating the Irish question to be of no concern to the U.S.

John Grenfell suffered an injured leg when run over by an ore car.

Wilson vetoed the peace resolution — said he would not sign the version submitted by the Republicans.

Members of the Grass Valley rifle club prepare for season’s competition.

Lawrence Luther, whose parents live in Grass Valley, spent 60 days fighting storms aboard a four-masted lumber schooner, the ship was found 1,000 miles off course and floundering by two tugs and towed into Moss Beach. The ship was bound from Washington to South Africa.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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