Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1920)

Brad Prowse

From the pages of The Union newspaper (June 1920):

Nevada City honors dead heroes — entire day given over to remembering.

A crowd of 125,000 watched Gaston Chevrolet win the 8th annual Indianapolis 500 with a speed of 88.16 mph.

Cold until rain mid-month. Then clearing until heavy winds and rain near month’s end.

Lester Whiteburn of Grass Valley struck a pole on Broad Street with his auto-truck, putting the area out of electricity.

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John Coghlan, a San Francisco attorney who was born in Columbia Hill, visited the old town — most of it as he knew it is gone.

More than 1,000 attended the Union pacific at Chicago Park.

Mrs. Elizabeth Pinkham of Grass Valley, whose son, Albert, was killed at the battle of the Argonne in 1918, learned he was killed by a German sniper.

Nine births vs. three deaths in May in Grass Valley.

Mrs. Kathleen Pendola, born and reared at Camptonville, died in San Francisco.

The local Ford dealer said there are 151 Fords in Nevada County out of a total of 347 cars.

Mrs. R. Keeney, longtime Nevada City resident, died at her daughter’s home. She was 64 and a native of Berne, Switzerland.

Two mules were removed from the Champion mine. One, Heiny, went quietly, hauled up in a canvas sling. But the other, Dynamite, lived up to his name, fighting so hard that opiates were given to quiet him down.

Republican differences over the League of Nations resulted in Republican senators threatening to bolt the part — will not agree to compromises.

Emil Jermiin, an old prospector, is jailed for claim jumping near Steep Hollow.

Nevada County ranchers pledge 97 bags of wool to the State wool pool.

Mrs. Maxine Dempsey made an unsuccessful attempt to extort $40,000 from her former husband, the boxing champion Jack Dempsey, over some letters he sent her.

A man driving a Maxwell struck a horse-drawn rig in Grass Valley. The horse ran off but was recaptured without injury.

The 50th policeman to be killed in Ireland since January died in Limerick yesterday.

Charles McLoughlin was struck by a baseball on the high school grounds, receiving a fractured nose.

Republicans nominate Harding for president, Coolidge for veep.

Grass Valley high baseball team defeated Nevada City 14 to 0.

A mob lynched three negroes in Minnesota — accused of attacking a white girl.

A team belonging to the Lime Kiln ranch ran away in Grass Valley — the horses were caught but the wagon was a wreck.

Jack Dempsey found not guilty of being a draft evader.

An airplane was seen flying over the town yesterday.

Enrico Caruso loses $450,000 in jewelry from a robbery at his New York home — says Black Hand may be involved.

Nevada City High will graduate 30 seniors.

Aviators and airplanes will assemble from all over California for a show at the South Curtiss Oaks field in Sacramento.

John Hughes of Downieville was injured in the collapse of an old flume there. His dig gave the alarm, alerting neighbors to his plight.

James Foote, 2, of East Main Street, died in Grass Valley. He had been frail since birth.

Baseball player Babe Ruth was rendered unconscious when hit in the head by a ball during a game at the White Sox ballpark.

The first house fire in Graniteville in years destroyed the Samuel Colt residence there. It was occupied by W.E. Moore.

The Fort Bidwell, California Indian school — scheduled to close — will remain open as Indian families promise to send more of their children there.

A section north of Grass Valley is swept by fire.

Los Angeles hit by quake — Inglewood suffers most damage.

The North San Juan cherry festival promises to be a bigger event than ever. The new State Highway is all graded through town and will have fresh gravel applied.

Grass Valley merchants are upset over a new business tax, discussed by town trustees without informing the merchants.

The Reno Roundup on the 4th of July will feature a four-year old mule that’s 21 hands — seven feet tall — and still growing.

New mine wagescale — Muckers get $4.75 per day, Miners $5.00 and Timberman $5.25.

Nevada City man George Finnegan, Jr., leaves to attend West Point.

Nevada City’s free auto camp ground has been liberally utilized. Campers come from as near as Oakland and as far as British Columbia.

William Jennings Bryan has arrived in San Francisco for the Democratic convention.

Grass Valley shaken by severe windstorm — power and lighting systems out.

Guards at New York’s Sing-Sing prison chipped in to buy a rocking chair for Mrs. Hattie Dixon, the only woman there condemned to die. She has difficulty sitting on regulation prison stools.

The recently closed Penn Valley Creamery asks the Farm Bureau to take over operations.

Gas still short in the area.

Fires have been discovered almost every day since the big blaze north of here a few weeks ago. Residents of the area vow to shoot first and ask questions later of anyone seen starting a fire.

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