Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1919) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1919)

Brad Prowse
The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

From the pages of The Union newspaper in June 1919:

The lion that killed about 40 head of sheep in the lower part of the County has been killed on the Frank Hunt ranch near Spenceville — was 6 feet long, tip-to-tip.

Bombs found planted in dozens of U.S. cities — organized reign of terror planned by radical agitators.

June was dry but cool toward the end.

George Elmer Trevethick, the first man from this County to enlist in the Air Service, returned home.

Germany’s pleas for less harsh terms are being considered.

Two road camp escapees, Castro and Padrino, who took leave near Depot Hill, were captured near Downieville.

A Missouri man was taken from a jail and lynched for killing a sheriff there — he was one of the few white men ever lynched in Missouri…

Gesenger & Ross opened an up-to-date shooting gallery on lower Main Street. Shoot for fun and prizes.

Grass Valley’s Fighting Dick Trounce fought Walter McDevitt to a draw in Tonopah.

The Senate adopted a resolution to allow women to vote — now goes to the States.

Some man has been prowling around the homes on Alexander Street, frightening women — he’s likely to receive a load of buckshot.

A series of Giant Powder explosions in the town of Washington was to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cole, returning from their wedding trip.

Electrically operated mixing machines have been installed in Freeman’s Bakery — one for bread, one for cakes. No more hand mixing.

Three persons escaped death when they jumped from their seats as Charles Fowler’s motor-lumber tractor went over the grade near Town Talk, landing on the tracks below.

Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce is optimistic over City’s future — greatest mining development in many years is now on the way as important strikes are made weekly.

Japanese berry growers in Sacramento have formed a combine, driving up strawberry prices.

Corporal Andrew Tobiassen, who spent 19 months in France, mostly at the fighting front, returned home. He was wounded twice.

Despite citizen’s pleas, Wilson says he will do nothing to prevent the nation going dry in July.

A roof has been ordered for the Wass Park grandstand.

Texas appeals for troops to protect citizens against Mexican soldiers.

Forest Supervisor Bigalow took his first flight in an airplane. He was invited to fly with the Mather Field fire observer. He said it was an experience like no other.

The French are against any reduction of severity in peace terms.

Chaupauqua session begins today in Grass Valley.

Big battle likely in Juraez as Villa’s troops advance.

Central Shaft mine closed by strike — may spread.

William S. Hart stars in a movie at the Nevada Theater — not a Western.

Strike has spread to all mines in the district.

Juraez enveloped by Villa’s forces.

Miners object to present ‘bonus’ system of pay — also the hiring of outsiders at higher wages than locals.

Big blaze near Banner is now under control — believed to have been deliberately set.

American troops engage in battle with Mexicans near El Paso — first time since Vera Cruz.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin shows tonight at the Nevada Theater.

Germany aghast at peace terms.

Three Truckee soldiers return — George Lanahan, Clarence Ryner and Leo Finnegan.

The San Francisco Examiner will have a news desk at the big Dempsey-Willard fight in Toledo this July. Among others there will be Damon Runyon, Irvin S. Cobb, Ring Larder and James J. Corbett.

Miner’s strike continues. Engineers and pumpmen may be called out of mines.

The impounded German fleet at Scarpa Flow is scuttled by their crews — Allies stunned as dozens of ships sink.

Vandals are shooting at road signs between here and Washington. They should be in jail.

Germans yield — will sign treaty.

Miners hold out for a 50 cent per day increase.

S. Malato, Truckee dog team owner who had his dogs taken by the sheriff, holds the lawman responsible for the death and disappearance of several animals — valued at $250 each.

Thomas Gratton, alias Dan Maggigan, believed to be a Butte Montana murderer, was caught by the Sheriff in Nevada City.

Three Folsom convicts attempted to use the steam engine in the quarry to escape. They were caught.

It’s reported that 10% of all American Soldiers engaged in the War were killed or wounded during the 47 day Meuse-Argonne battle. Total U.S. losses in the war are about 49,000 killed.

Tom Mix stars in Fighting for Gold at the Auditorium.

Elza Kilroy, clerk at the Nevada City Post Office, weds Miss Louvia Worthington. They will go to San Francisco and then continue to Los Angeles on their honeymoon.

The Army will be stabilized at 325,000 officers and men.

German envoys sign peace treaty, ending war.

Miner’s strike ends on the basis of a 10% bonus pay.

A.B. Snyder returned from a 1,000 mile tour of the state. He said roads are good but in the mountains one needs a good car, good tires and good brakes.

Two more Nevada City soldiers return; Carelton Johnston and Merritt Clemo.

Charles Rist, a Truckee painter, is killed by an SP train at Polaris.

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