Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1918) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (June 1918)

Brad Prowse
The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

From the pages of The Union newspaper, June 1918:

Alien German women in the U.S. must be registered, said Postmaster Finnigen in Nevada City.

The German onrush reaches River Marne — attack on Paris imminent.

June hits 98 degrees — and is dry.

Americans hold Cantigny and drive a wedge half a mile deep in German lines.

Smartsville raises $706 dollars for the Red Cross.

A . Thomas has bought Victor Bettencourt’s Broad Street tamale parlor.

An auto driver by a Willow Valley man names Lewis sideswiped the trolley, seriously injuring four riders on the steps.

German divers sink nine ships off the Atlantic coast. Few were of military value.

Night officer Otto Rust found a gila monster in his back yard. He displays it in a glass jar—they’re rare here.

American troops in the thick of fighting as the Germans attack on a wide front in France.

Four arrested in Truckee for stealing an auto — two cowboys from a Modesto ranch and two women.

Creek Indians in Oklahoma are resisting the draft — two whites shot.

William Jennings Bryan spoke here yesterday — appealed for support of the Government’s war efforts.

There’s been a call to investigate the great number of deaths occurring at aviation training fields. Defective construction and inadequate inspection are suspected.

Chicago Park raises $200 for the Red Cross.

Bruce Leary, a minor, was arrested for entering a saloon.

Marines drive enemy back two miles in spirited action.

The Fourth of July will be celebrated in Nevada City. It will be a subdued effort because of the War with but a single parade.

The pioneer monument was unveiled at Donner Lake. Thousands who crossed the plains after the Donners were warned by their experience. Today there are only eight survivors of the Donner part — all women.

Allies fall back but continue to hold.

County resident, ‘Jimmie’ Jones, reported killed in France, is alive and well.

Germans may send their fleet out to do battle — they hope to end the war this summer.

Herbert Costa, young son of Tony Costa, ran a pair of scissors into his leg. He suffered great pain but shed not a tear through the ordeal.

Fred Pelligrini was killed by a missed shot at the Central.

There are complaints that sewers are emptying into in Wolf Creek.

There are no plans to close saloons in this country.

The German thrust is halted but new and greater attacks are expected.

Wung Ling, owner of the store at Auburn and Bank Streets, was fined $25 dollars for selling tobacco to a minor.

Hans Amundsen, a caretaker, was killed in a house fire at the Turn ranch.

Ivan Pascoe, 15, was injured in a runway on the Nevada road when a cart shaft broke.

Edward Ross of Grass Valley is reportedly wounded in France.

Local bakeries will no longer deliver to homes—costs are too high.

Nevada City graduates 30 seniors—Grass Valley, 36.

The Austrian drive fails, from the Alps to the sea.

George Brother’s garage has a 1917 Buick, a 1917 Paige — six and a Ford roadster for sale.

German aircraft losses — 835 this year.

Tom Mix in Six-Shooter Andy at the Strand along with a Harold Lloyd comedy.

A Woodland refreshment parlor was fined $65 for refusing to serve Cora Diggs, a colored woman, an ice cream because of her race.

A mine car ran over Albert Jenkins at the Empire mine, crushing three toes.

Sixty killed when a freight train smashes into a circus train in Chicago.

Elmo Lincoln stars in the Tarzan of the Apes at the Auditorium.

Downieville won’t hold a 4th celebration — will use the money to buy war bonds.

Plumber Fred Breese was almost electrocuted when a flagpole he was erecting hit a power line.

Nevada County must furnish 27 more men for the draft.

Trains were delayed 20 hours in the Sierras when the snow sheds were set afire. Guards have been placed there.

William Boyd of the UNION staff has joined the army.

The Orazalli home in Park Avenue has burned down.

A lightning bolt struck a wire leading to the Theodore Larson home in Omega and blew a large hole in the wall.

Five or six big fires burned down near Bowman dam.

Belleau Woods Captured by Americans.

Sugar is rationed at local stores — two pounds for a town costumer, 5 to a county costumer.

Frank Williams at Byron Landrigan had a runaway on the Champion road when an auto scared their horse. Both thrown out and bruised.

Word from Kiev says the Czar and his family have been executed — the Government claims they are in good health.

Charles Chaplin stars in By the Sea at the Nevada Theatre.

Scathing denouements of German atrocities are a feature of war rallies.

The body of A. Catassi, drowned while fishing at Floriston earlier this month, has been recovered.

Concrete merchant ships, built in San Francisco, are a success.

Sheriff Martin arrested Joe Gallagher, Joe Riley and Jerry Forest for attempting to ‘shoot up’ H. Joerschke’s saloon.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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