Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County — July 1915 |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County — July 1915

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

The suit against former U-Bet mining man Jerry Goodwin’s estate by the widow of the man he killed in a gunfight was thrown out.

A tank to supply water for the town sprinkling cart will be built near Glenbrook.

Rain around the 7th, then cloudy and cold until hot around the 22nd. Cooler after the 25th.

The Western Front has become the new theater of the war — Germans moving reinforcements there from the east.

Henry Keith, of Sierra County, went to have his appendix removed — it wasn’t there! Doctors found it on the other side.

Twenty-three members are on the rolls of the new Farm Club — president is W. Bierwagen.

Nevada County to Downieville mail service will be continued — new contract has been given to C.B. Brown.

Excitement runs rampant in anticipation of the three-day 4th of July celebration. There will be an illuminated auto parade at 8 p.m. tonight. Aviator Christofferson will fly over dropping prize envelopes and engaging in aerial writing.

J.P. Morgan, noted financier, is shot and wounded at his Long Island home by a crazed man who felt Morgan could stop the war.

Manager Pearson and Mark McCullough of the Plumbago mine were tied to a tree by two highwaymen who cut the phone lines and escaped.

Leonard Body was sucked to death beneath Deer Creek falls.

Grass Valley is permanently prosperous — district output from 1866 to 1915 exceeds $100,000,000.

The Reno sheriff warns of a vacuum salesman headed here. He sells a machine, “borrows” it back to use as a demonstrator — then disappears.

Best Germany will do is guarantee safety to American ships in legitimate trade.

Welma Silva was accidentally killed on Wet Hill. She dashed in front of a gun that was being shot.

Lone bandit holds up 100 in Yellowstone — stops stagecoach after stagecoach.

Four injured last night when a sky rocket flew into a crowd during a fireworks display on Coyote Street.

Mexico City falls to Carranza.

Local mining man Richard Wark was reunited with his sister, Mrs. James Banks of Vermont, after 31 years.

The movie Alias Jimmy Valentine will play at the Nevada Theater tonight.

Hayden Coggins, 76, brother of State Senator Coggins, is missing on a fishing trip to Greenhorn — search parties are out.

Germany predicts war will end by October.

Truckee is infested with caterpillars — Sierra Nevada logging railroad has to put men on the pilot to sweep them off tracks so the engine can move.

Sky rockets within the city should be prohibited — one started a fire in the cemetery.

Regular passenger service by hydro aeroplane has been inaugurated between New York and Albany — $150 one way.

Elton Crow, 16, drowned in Lake Olympia — the first drowning there. Emmett Townsend and George Richards, both Union employees, tried to save him but were unsuccessful.

Harry Thaw, convicted of killing Stanford White in a sensational trial in 1906, was found sane and released from jail.

In the case last May of cows eating giant powder in Columbia Hill and then dying — mining men found not negligent.

Lynching of black men is on the increase said Booker T. Washington — 24 in the first six months of 1915, four more than the same period last year.

The Nevada County Sportsmen Club’s 6th annual camp stew was a success — 230 men attend.

Over 1,300 books are in circulation for the Nevada City Library. Two electric fans will be installed in the reading room.

Haden Coggins’ body is found at the bottom of a gulch near Quaker Hill — aged prospector probably died searching for water.

The home at the old Morgan Ranch burned down — second fire in the area in less than a week.

The Ludding home on Alta Hill was burned — shortly after the Morgan fire. A note found nearby threatens to burn down the whole town.

Washington unhappy with latest German note — still claim Lusitania sinking in wanton act.

Wallace Williams and Ray Wear of Nevada City were thrown from their rig when their horse ran off — no serious injuries.

Earnest Empey, kidnapped and held for ransom in Idaho, was rescued by cowboys.

A new Ford machine driven by a Camptonville man turned over on the Freeman grade, damaging the vehicle.

Steamer Eastland turns turtle — 1,000 lives lost as rush of passengers to one side of boat causes capsize in the Chicago River.

Several new fires set around Grass Valley — citizens fear it’s the work of a firebrand.

Wilson plans national defense while sending new note to Germany.

North Star claims the Empire has been taking its gold since last year.

The Cunrad liner, Carpathia, landing in New York, claims it was chased by a German submarine.

The Narrow Gauge will soon have an engine twice as powerful as any of the five now in service — will weigh 55 tons.

Fred Westphal, arrested four times, has been banished from Alameda for the remainder of the his life — may not set foot there again, said judge.

Joseph Gallagher was acquitted of stabbing Dan Marrifield last April.

An aeroplane was stolen in Oakland — thief flew it away.

Henry Keith, of Sierra County, went to have his appendix removed — it wasn’t there! Doctors found it on the other side.

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