Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (December 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (December 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper, December 1920:

A young girl — name withheld — was insulted on lower Mill Street last evening. A man standing in a dark doorway tried to induce her to enter. She was frightened and ran away.

Billie Lalentle from Vermont stopped in Downieville. She’s riding a horse across country to San Francisco, carrying all her equipment on the animal. She left St. Albans on June 30th and has averaged 25 miles a day.

Wind, rain and snow until the 10th with a new storm on the 19th through the 25th. Fair at month’s end.

After eight years, the stamps at the Idaho-Maryland mine are working again.

Brad Prowse

A drive to eliminate rabies begins. Any unleashed dog, or one without a muzzle, will be shot on sight.

Sinn Fein will wage war on “traitors,” anyone helping the English.

Billy George and Carlton Thomas were riding their speeders on Auburn Street when George stopped his friend just in time to prevent him from going under an auto.

Loma Rica ranch to plant 25,000 more Bartletts.

The Grass Valley carol choir held their first practice of the season.

Taylor & Brown, famous colored comedians, will present a show Thursday at the Rough & Ready hall featuring the latest jazz music.

Young Ralph Thomas of Birchville found an old gun someone had thrown away. The gun discharged while he was fooling with it, taking off a few of his toes.

With his engine frozen at 10,000 feet, R.J. Little of the Air Mail service landed in a field near the Bear River bridge.

Dog owners protest new shoot-on-sight law — feel owners should be notified prior to killing a dog.

The Grass Valley rifle club now has an indoor range — the old dry house of the Massachusetts mine.

A driver and two passengers on the incoming Sacramento auto-stage were injured when the vehicle turned over on the slick road near Grass Valley. Ed Morrow suffered broken ribs.

Lime Kiln ranch now has a milking machine.

Santa Rosa calm after the lynching of three men who killed three law officers.

Hong Gee sold his laundry business in Grass Valley and will retire to live in China.

Enrico Caruso burst a blood vessel in this throat during a performance — physicians advised him to discontinue.

Big scramble for water is looming — Nevada County and neighboring counties better organize to protect their interest in water.

Today, the motor-truck has become indispensable in delivering goods and merchandise — one seldom sees the horse-drawn delivery wagon anymore.

Rafael Solari of Nevada City was arrested for selling tobacco to a 15 year-old boy — he was fined $25.

The local Red Cross moves toward acquiring a nurse for the county.

Rhyolite, Nevada has become a ghost — once thriving town now holds but two residents.

Local fruit shipments for 1920 down — 24,000 boxes of pears shipped, 13,000 boxes of apples, 1,200 boxes of peaches, 1,500 boxes of cherries and 419 boxes of grapes.

Buck Jones in Forbidden Trails at the Nevada Theater tonight.

After 30 years, the old Grass Valley school bell will be heard no more. The old tower is falling down and there are no funds to replace it.

In Dublin, two civilians shot down for failing to halt when ordered by officers.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Leghassi of Bennett Street was severely burned when he fell against a hot stove.

Earnest Johnson, on his way to Lime Kiln, had his Chevrolet catch fire. Insurance paid $500.

Serious fighting has broken out between civilians and soldiers in Ireland.

Frank Pierce’s home in Nevada City burned down. Two children were rescued from the burning house.

Michigan State penitentiary will begin X-raying the heads of convicts, seeking abnormalities that they can operate on, possibly eliminating criminal tendencies.

Christmas recitations, songs and entertainment to be held at the Rough & Ready school house.

The five million dollar amusement park in Venice, California, burned to the ground.

Nevada City sons and daughters return to celebrate the Holiday under old, familiar roofs.

Hundreds were in the business districts Christmas Eve to shop and hear the choral singers.

An airdale dog that became rabid was dispatched in the streets by officers.

In Ireland a woman, talking to a policeman, was shot dead — she breached the IRA rule to boycott the police.

James Leeper of Smartsville, 59, and Lillian Swift of Truckee, 78, were married.

Raymond O’Connor of Lake City and Grace Tredennick of Nevada City revealed they secretly married in November — she wanted to resign her teaching position at the North Bloomfield school before telling of it.

Nevada County’s birthrate seems low — non-registration of births, as required by law, is suspected.

President Wilson turns down $150,000 offer to write an article of his own choice for a syndicate. He said no article was worth such an amount.

The Chamber of Commerce plans to entice movie companies to come to Nevada County to film their movies.

Residents of the Rio Grande valley in southern Texas are alarmed over attempts by Japanese to establish colonies there.

Citizens are talking of holding benefits to raise money for a new school bell tower.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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