Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (August 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (August 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper (August 1920):

People living on Broad Street have become alarmed at grass fires being set in their area the last few weeks. A local lad is suspect and received a severe reprimand from Fire Chief Walling.

July was hot and dry until heavy winds, cold and rain visited around the 25th — nice again by month’s end.

Three operations at the Nevada City Sanatorium yesterday; Mrs. J. Coleman, abdominal condition; Lloyd Hiscox, appendicitis, and Mrs. Robert Davies, abdominal condition.

A.H. Mattley of Mattley Aviation flew from Al Tahoe to here in an hour, landing on Gilmore field. He will be giving rides.

Forest fires burning all around town, the Clipper Creek blaze being especially stubborn.

Lyman Gilmore flew with Mattley several times.

Charlie Chaplin is called cruel by his wife, Mildred, who seeks a divorce.

Montezuma Hill school house burns to the ground.

Big Shady fire is under control.

A. Pistoria, an employee and friend of August Sassprini, Truckee grocer, will submit to a transfusion of blood to Sassprini who suffers from a heart condition.

Denver is in grip of strike rioters — streetcar men damage five cars.

A wagon and hose have been stored at the Grass Valley boy’s orphanage as a fire precaution. The boys will be drilled in its use.

Mt. Shasta was overflown by an airplane for the first time.

Stewart McKay, Truckee hotel owner, donated $4,000 to the County’s poor children.

Denver strike halted by court order.

Gasoline hits 30 cents a gallon here.

Babe Ruth made his 40th and 41st home runs in a game at Detroit.

Virgil Crooks was arrested for shooting a pig belonging to W.A. Lebee.

The autos and camping equipment of three families was destroyed last night near Alta — a neglected campfire is blamed. They may face stiff fines for leaving a fire unguarded.

Charles Ponzi, who ran an investment scheme that cheated many people, is arrested in Boston.

A new stamp mill is being erected at Graniteville by Peter Delucchi.

Two hundred Army pigeons at the Presidio, veterans of the war, have been sold to bird fanciers. Other camps will continue to train pigeons.

Hunters bag many deer on opening day — Elmer Fox gets a buck and a coyote. Game seems to be increasing in the area.

Ferry passengers made 45,000,000 trips across the Bay last year.

A porcupine paid a visit to Nevada City last night. Officer Ninnis followed it at a distance and the animal eventually waddled out of town.

Tennessee ratifies suffrage amendment —17,000,000 women enfranchised.

John Barrymore and Fatty Arbuckle star in films at the Auditorium.

A rabid dog ran amuck, biting the son of Mrs. Ray Hecker of Nevada City. The boy will be the Pasteur treatments.

A Folsom prisoner made a dash for freedom with mail-order catalogs strapped about him as armor but he was still shot and killed.

D.M. Lawrence, a noted gunfighter, lies near death after a gun battle with N.L. Milner in Los Angeles.

Four mules were removed from the North Star — electric cars are going in.

A feature at the State Fair is an auto that drives up a ramp and leaps over a parked vehicle before landing on another ramp.

Electric energy may be curtailed — lack of rain may hamper production.

Hopi Indians have been gathering snakes for their annual snake dance in Arizona.

Movie actor Frank Keenan is in town — has an interest in the 16 to 1 mine. His father was an early-day settler here.

Ben Shelley, road company escapee is still at large.

The hot weather has almost melted all Mt. Shasta’s snow.

Ben Shelley is captured at Truckee.

Four daughters born in the past few hours but no boys; they were born to: Mr. & Mrs. F.H. Hill, Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Dow, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Brock and Mr. and Mrs. Felice Mazzanti.

Grass Valley to have a new cheese factory — added to the creamery operations.

A San Francisco cable car dashed downhill and into a trolley. Many seriously hurt.

Sheet metal toys received here from Japan are found to be made of old U.S. tin cans.

Smartsville will soon have a public bath house on the Yuba River.

Nevada City Marshall Northway fainted on the streets — seems alright now.

Copeland Dorsey of Grass Valley is one of five U. of California students fined for speeding in the Bay Area.

It’s recommended that the rim of Lake Tahoe be cut to allow more water to flow out.

A 2,000 gallon still is found by officers in Mariposa County.

The Narrow Gauge received permission to raise passenger rates by 20%, freight by 25%.

An aviator is killed while stunting at the Sonoma County fair.

Cadet George Finnegan, Jr., from Grass Valley, ranked 11 out of 631 cadets in tests at West Point.

The convict road camp will be moved to the Costa ranch on Rush Creek.

Rumors that the Donner monument will be moved to the west end of the lake are unfounded.

Will Eabugh fell from his bicycle in Nevada City and injured his elbow.

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