Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (August 1917) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (August 1917)

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

From the pages of The Union newspaper, Aug. 1917.

Machine guns can be easily mounted on autos. It’s purposed — as a home defense measure — that auto owners would be supplied with machine guns for quick action.

British and French crush German foes in Flanders.

The Grass Valley Home Guards had a splendid drill Monday night, about 30 members being present.

The famous tower of Jewels, the most spectacular feature of the 1916 exposition, lies on a scrap heap in Oakland, waiting to be dismantled.

August was warm and dry.

Men with families are not necessarily excused from service — depends on how dependent the family is on the wage earner.

Battling Pratt of Nevada City will take on any 140-pounder while Kid Beloud of Grass Valley fights Danny Mathews at the Grass Valley athletic club tonight.

Big attendance at the Sportsman camp stew at Dikemans Grove — over 400 persons fed.

Officers battle draft resistors in Oklahoma.

Harry Nicholas, former steward of Grass Valley’s Eagle Hose Company, relieved of duty for driving the fire truck while intoxicated.

Oklahoma draft resisters give up.

Locals should avoid buying food or medicine offered by unknown vendors — there are rumors of deliberate attempts to spread typhus by strangers selling contaminated goods.

The I.W.W. attempts to set Indian workers in Arizona’s asbestos mines on the warpath.

Douglass Fairbanks stars in The Americano and the Auditorium.

Indian revolt in Arizona quelled by forest rangers and a number of armed ranchers.

Dr. Lord of Camptonvile receives probation after pleading guilty of assault in attempting to murder his wife.

Joe Cruz, auto-stage driver, had his nose broken when the rim blew off a tire he was pumping up.

Steam sterilizing plants will have to be installed in saloons, soda fountains, restaurants or wherever drinking cups or glasses are used consecutively by more than one person.

The Ware brothers were driving down Auburn Street when their machine struck a pile of sand near the Pacific hotel and crashed into the building — no injuries but several pedestrians were given a scare.

Chicago Park needs fruit pickers — $2.50 for eight hours.

Hundreds rush to Empire Mine as a small fire causes big excitement. Damage done — $3.

Antonio Gallino was fined $5 for verbally abusing pound-master Mitchell. Mitchell had taken one of Gallino’s cows to the pound.

In France, women have taken the place of horses on farms as the animals are used up in the war.

Autos coming from the dance at Olympia Park last night were held up when a car driven by George Fox, along with a second vehicle, ran off the road.

Mrs. W.L. Bicks of Peardale collected $10.75 for the Red Cross.

Oklahoma’s Senator Gore seeks to block the sending of troops to Europe — claims the U.S. soldiers not needed to win the war.

Fire Chief Curnow says that all cars must pull over to the right and park when a fire truck wishes to pass.

Battles rage around Lenz where Canadian troops hold fast.

Mrs. Mary Place, 95, who crossed the plains in 1853, passes in Nevada City.

Negro soldiers riot at Houston — kill 13 whites. Caused when two soldiers were arrested for disturbing the peace.

The city streets were given a heavy coating of oil — should last until the rains.

Professor Carver of the University of Southern California, claims man has superior to woman as economic superiority elevates man above woman. Also, there can be no emotional impulse between a man and a woman that isn’t erotic as the love between the two is always based on sex love.

Incendiaries are at work in the Tahoe Forest between Lake City and Camptonville — fire are being brought under control.

Richard Gurvey’s horse made a mad dash on Spring Street in Nevada City. It came to a crashing halt in front of Steam’s clothing store but was not injured.

All available freight cars on the Narrow Gauge will be used to move old mining machinery to Colfax, destined for the salvage yards in San Francisco.

Irrigation water is scarce in the lower part of the county.

Marcus Wheeler Hobby, of Indian Valley, was killed while riding his horse from Downieville — either fell or was thrown.

A 20-stamp mill, compressor plan and dry house go up in smoke at Blue Tent.

George Aplers of Grass Valley and Richard Huddleston of Nevada City enlist in the Army.

Two of four convicts that escaped from a road gang a few weeks ago are believed to be hiding around Sugar Loaf grade.

Lester Yore, 16, of Oregon House, was killed by an accidental shot from a rifle.

The big barn on the Hughes brothers’ ranch on Shady Creek burned down — $3,000 loss.

State agriculture officials are coming to show locals the best way to deal with rodents.

The Silent Lie, a movie partly shot in Truckee, shows the Auditorium.

Eight more motorists are seeing Judge Mulroy because of speeding: Robert Hathaway, Fred Cassidy, Charles Stevens, Harry James, G.Y. Get, George Walling, E. Beriman and Fred Bastian.

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