Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (April 1920) |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (April 1920)

From the pages of The Union newspaper in April 1920:

Rose Wellant, 16, daughter of Mrs. Minne Stottrob of Grass Valley, ran away to Marysville on the auto-stage. She was caught in Sacramento.

Panama requests removal of U.S. forces from the Canal Zone. Claims the U.S. doesn’t interfere in the rape and pillage going on in Mexico so should leave Panama solve its own problems.

The Argonaut and Kennedy mines in Jackson had over 640,000,000 gallons of water pumped into a shaft fire that started over a year ago and has resisted extinguishing.

Spring-like weather gave way to rainstorms from the 10th to the 20th. Then, cold and clear.

Law officers warn local motorists not to use their muffler cutouts while in the towns.

Lassen Peak stages a 30-minute eruption.

The Grass Valley phone company’s “hello girls” sent out several hundred invitations to a dance at the Elks Hall.

The Senate considers enlisting 10,000 Indians in a separate unit of the Army. Upon discharge, they would have all rights of American citizens as well as their tribal rights.

Stephen Ebi of Colfax Road is in Jones Hospital for a fractured ankle he received while riding a young horse.

Curly Bear Cave No. 1 will emerge tonight and give a growl to a trio of wandering cubs.

Japanese take possession of Vladivostok as Russian troops retreat.

Another good strike of specimen gold was made at the Boundary mine on the west edge of Grass Valley.

Baseball is gaining popularity in Japan, the leading universities there forming teams.

Mrs. Albert Taylor may need her arm amputated — blood poisoning.

An especially equipped airplane carried a horse from Los Angeles to a Santa Barbara horse show.

The Grass Valley Firemen’ s Ball took in $744 — each company to get $187.

Bullards Bar dam will get a 7-foot extension added this summer.

William Farnum stars in Wolves of the Nights at the Strand.

The Davis market in Nevada City will become strictly a cash meat market — no more credit. It’s hoped prices can be kept down this way.

Annual North Star report shows the mine did not make a profit last year — cost of materials and labor unrest are blamed.

Four-year-old Jewell Button of Camptonville accidentally lost the middle finger of her left hand from her brother swinging an axe.

The Republic of Sonora secedes from the rest of Mexico.

Postmaster Woods of Pike — appointed census taker — has been taking the count on snow shoes.

W.H. Laity and a friend drove from Reno to Truckee through 6-foot snowdrifts.

A William S. Hart western and a Keystone comedy at the Auditorium tonight.

The Grass Valley Farm Center met and voted against allowing Japanese to buy land there.

The funeral of William Fiene, Smartsville stockman, takes place this afternoon.

A number of white-collar men appeared in Sacramento in denim overalls — were protesting the high price of clothing.

The Acorn Junior baseball team downed the Black Sox at the Boston Ravine diamond, 16 to 12.

Revolution is rampant in Mexico — many uprisings.

A young man who attempted to walk from Dutch Flat to Truckee got off onto a side road. A logging crew found him crawling in the snow. His limbs may need amputation.

Gon Ah Hand, a vegetable dealer here for many years, spent a year and a half in China and is now returning.

Mike Delich, a Serbian miner, was arrested for attempting to murder Dan Samardick over a mining claim dispute above Washington.

Dibble, a Marysville aviator, and his wife, landed at Glenbrook Park. The craft traveled 100 feet, went over a bank and turned over. No one was hurt. The area really needs to have a suitable landing field.

John McFayden is killed in the Red Ledge tunnel in Washington when a rock falls on him.

Thomas Sheely of Berryman Street went off the road in his car, ending up with his wheels in the air — no injuries.

Mary Hallock Foote, Grass Valley author and artist, has been selected as one of the three California electors to serve on the Hall of Fame at the New York University.

North Star cutting down operations — lack of underground miners has forced a reduction to 30 stamp mills.

Frances Dillon, 11, picked up a fuse cap in a Nevada City church yard and now is missing several fingers.

Senator Harding of Ohio throws his hat into the presidential ring.

Miss Ruth Dart and Johnnie Frank of Rough & Ready will marry this weekend.

Incompatibility of American and French customs has caused 12,000 of 50,000 French war brides to return to France.

Three auto loads of gypsies passed through here yesterday — they seemed quite prosperous.

A surfer, W.P. Roth of San Francisco, has developed a surf board made of balsa wood that’s much lighter than cork boards.

There will be country dancing at the Penn Valley hall tonight to a jazz orchestra.

A Kansas woman was arrested for having 14 cases of whiskey in her cellar. She claims she didn’t know how it got there. The only entrance to the cellar was through a trapdoor — under her bed.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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