Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County |

Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County

From the pages of The Union newspaper, March 1920:

Mrs. Nellie Ducotey, 39, wife of Frank Ducotey of Newtown and mother of five, is called by death from complications following childbirth — the child also died.

The Yuba Pass stage station, 12 miles above Sierra City, is wiped out by fire.

Heavy rains and stormy until mid-month then more rain and unsettled until March’s end.

PG&E says it has no desire to furnish water for power of irrigation in this country.

Influenza still rages at Hobart Mills — several deaths there.

Democrats moving to break the Treaty deadlock.

Three cases of flu in the Fontana family at Indian Flat.

Mary Pickford, motion picture star, was granted a divorce from Owen Moore in Nevada — claims “never again” to marriage.

Spring approaches and local baseball teams are forming.

Allies to occupy Constantinople over Turks treatment of Armenians.

Chief Secretary in Ireland claims Sinn Fein as 200,000 armed men ready or action.

It’s predicted Wilson will be nominated for a third term.

The Butterfly Club hosted a party at the Marsh residence on Park Avenue. The young folks came in costume and all had a good time.

Miss Christiana Nettleship, 93, possible Nevada County’s oldest resident, passed away — she came here in 1847.

August Joerschke and Agnes Hardt were married. Joerschke is employed by the Grass Valley laundry company.

Walter Cannon of Hills Flat got into such a coughing fit he tore away two ribs — is all taped up, now.

The International Cigarette League hopes for a tobacco-less America by 1925.

Harry Carey stars in The Rider of the Law at the Nevada Theatre.

Boys have been throwing rocks through windows at Walrath and the upper Grass Valley Road.

W. E. Miller purchased the John Peaslee stock ranch at Spenceville for $25,000.

Three movie companies are presently filming in Truckee — many townspeople work as extras.

Twenty-six Belfast policemen are killed.

Homes of Sinn Fein leaders are raided.

A cattle drive moving through Nevada City gave a rodeo at Broad and Pine. Drovers and their dogs and lassos soon had them moving peacefully again.

The Northwest Mounted Police are renamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police — will enforce federal law in all Canadian provinces.

The Grass Valley Congregational Church has had a movie projector installed.

Four hundred killed in Russia as German cruiser bombards Kiel.

Truckee saloon raid — six men and one woman caught in dragnet for selling liquor.

Eighteen-day-old Elsie Eckles of West Main Street, died — she was one of the smallest babies born in the county and had been fed with an eyedropper.

A meeting will be held in Grass Valley tomorrow night to determine if the city needs a new charter.

Federal offices arrest E. Schrieber in Nevada City — he claims the liquor in his storeroom is not his.

Disorder seethes in Germany — troops battle students and workers.

Inter-team shooting competition resumes at the Armory — the riles have been fitted with new tang and globe sights.

Theda Bara stars in Kathleen Mavourneen at the Auditorium.

Peace treaty fails ratification in the Senate — will be returned to President with notice of rejection.

Germans fire on Communists at Kiel.

Fox trot dancing will follow high school basketball at the Elks hall.

Army recruiters are staying at the Bret Harte hotel, hoping to sign up young men.

Ralph De Palma clocked 113.9 MPH at the Los Angeles speedway on a mile-and-a-quarter track.

Eight thousand killed since the German revolt broke out on March 13.

R. J. Bennette’s drug store will have a 1-cent sale.

A Max Sennet comedy, along with his bathing beauties, shows at the Auditorium.

Villa massacres an entire farm settlement in Chihuahua.

Tartars kill 17,000 Armenians at the behest of the Turks.

Mr. and Mrs. Hibbert of Grass Valley seek divorce while Mrs. Effie Barton and Mrs. Martina Pingree were both granted divorces from their respective husbands.

Brigadier General William Mitchell declares the first battle of the next war will occur in the air–and will end with its first engagement.

According to those who know, chili con cane in Mexico is served WITHOUT beans — just meat and chili.

Ninety couples attended the Elks hall dance.

The Post Office will provide airmail service between New York and San Francisco.

Omer Tonella crashed a motorcycle through the UNION’s plate glass window, narrowly escaping death. He required many stitches.

Hoover said he would accept Republican nomination for presidency.

Mary Pickford and Douglass Fairbanks were married.

The San Juan auto-stage broke down. The mail continued via a team of horses.

ADS: Six hundred dollars will buy a five-room house on a lot on upper Main. A 1917 Ford in good shape — $515. And old man Twitchell has several handmade violins or sale.

Joseph Lhotellier fell from a tower at the North Star mine and was killed.

A Warren, Ohio man who beat his wife with a strap was sentenced by a judge to himself be beaten with the buckle end of the same belt.

Brad Prowse, a longtime columnist for The Union, died in 2014. Prior to his death, Prowse researched and wrote several years’ worth of “100 years ago in Nevada County,” which can also be found at

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