Bob Guis: U.S. moving forward, despite Trump critics |

Bob Guis: U.S. moving forward, despite Trump critics

U.S. moving forward, despite Trump critics

Darrell Berkheimer (The Union, June 9) blames the corporations: Does he know who hires? Hiring has increased and accordingly unemployment is down.

What made our country great? Entrepreneurs free to innovate without over-regulation. Some employees needed government protections back when; however, in today’s market that unfairness has practically disappeared.

He speaks of homelessness; 40 percent live in California, yet we have only 12 percent of the population. Who’s in charge of our state, hmmm? I can get someone more qualified on this subject to explain to you how industry is taking the so-called perks you mention under the tax reductions and creating industry as well as jobs if you wish.

Trump is getting things done. It is truly unfortunate that Darrell follows the trend that you hear from other news media, I am sure that makes him feel safe and secure within his closed-minded group.

How about me? I come out as a conservative Democrat or liberal Republican. And yes, Darrell, I agree with you and others that I didn’t like Trump’s early behavior however am glad that he has tempered it quite a bit.

Let’s hope he keeps that up and improves even more because the country is again moving forward.

Bob Gius

Grass Valley

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