Bil Lepp is one proud liar |

Bil Lepp is one proud liar

Kurt Vonnegut once said, “The secret of good storytelling is to lie …”

One of the featured tellers at this summer’s Sierra Storytelling Festival, Bil Lepp, knows this secret inside out. Five-time winner of West Virginia’s annual Liar’s Contest, Lepp is certainly a liar and proud of it! In fact, he freely admits, “Everywhere I slept, I’ve lied.”

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, West Virginia’s best storytellers compete for the prestigious title of biggest liar. The tall-tale contest draws large crowds, and the winner receives a golden shovel. You can imagine why. Just ask Lepp what he’s done with his five golden shovels when you see him at the festival!

An award-winning storyteller, author and recording artist for more than 15 years, Lepp has worked his craft at major storytelling events across the country. His outrageous, humorous tall-tales and witty stories – sure to make even the most ill-humored person in the audience smile – have earned the appreciation of listeners of all ages and from all walks of life – from doctors to funeral directors and anyone else you might meet in between.

He tells tales on subjects ranging from his super-dog dachshund, Buck-dog, to his fourth-grade teacher, whom he swore was Wonder Woman.

Lepp is the author of three books of tales, including “The Armadillo Recon Unit” and four audio collections, including “The Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit,” which just received the Parent’s Choice Award. Duke Divinity Magazine called Lepp’s stories “Awe inspiring cathedrals of flapdoddle and bull.”

Another featured teller of this summer’s storytelling festival, Barbara McBride Smith, does a great job of describing Lepp: “Bil Lepp is the Wonder Bra of storytelling. He takes something small and insignificant and pushes it up into something really BIG and mighty interesting!”


Marilyn Mociun, director of the Sierra Storytelling Festival, is a firm believer in a good lie being the best antidote for the stress of everyday reality.

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