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‘Biker Bob’ author Nik Coyler talks of future projects

Zoe Alowan and local author Nik Coyler talk about the latest addition in his Channeling Biker Bob series, the success of his men’s-only weekend and his plans for a renewal weekend for couples.

Mr. Colyer, you are the author of the popular novel series, Channeling Biker Bob.

Yes, and my third in that series is weeks from going to the printer.

When will it be available?

We still have a few months before it will be in the stores.

What is the name of your next book?

Channeling Biker Bob, of course with the subtitle of Magician’s Spell.

Why Magician?

When the first book went to press, what’s it been now, six years ago, my wife, who is also my publisher, talked me into making it a four part series. Because I spoke about the male psyche, I thought it was approprate to name each segment after a different part of the male psyche.

I know the first was called ‘Heart of a Warrior’ and the second ‘Lover’s Embrace’, how does ‘Magician’s Spell’ tie into the male psyche?

Warrior, Lover, Magician, King are the four archetypes of ourselves. A man must be able to access each of these to be a fully mature male. If all of the roles aren’t in play at the same time then we end up with a man who is too much of one type. Example: “The Lover”, which brought us the soft male of the eighties and nineties. Modern man often gets stuck in one of these roles and is unable to break free. The warrior is where we as a nation seem to be going at the moment.

If the first two ‘Channeling Biker Bob’s” were about the emerging male and their recovery from the soft male. What is this Magician one about?

It’s true, I’d spent a lot of time in the first two working with men getting back their masculinity. Although Bob and his biker gang is a big part of this next book, this third one is more about two women’s journey of discovery.

Was it difficult writing about women?

Very. I had to do a lot of research to find out what women were lacking in this culture before I could even begin. Then once I was working on the book, I realized that I had no idea how to write from a woman’s perspective. It’s been one of my biggest challenges.

Do you feel you succeeded?

In the first draft I failed miserably, but with the help of my wife and my close female friends, I was able to trim the guyness out of the dialogue. It was the dialogue that was most difficult.

I hear that your wife is a novelist also.

Yes, we are very excited. A few months ago she finished her first novel. She’s now in the long, drawn-out edit stage.

How long before hers will be in print?

Considering that it took twelve years to write my first novel and it still isn’t in print, I can’t even come closed to answering that question. It takes as long as it takes.

I hear that some producer is making a movie out of the first ‘Channeling Biker Bob’.

Yes, and we are very excited. He called last autumn and we signed a working contract in January. It’s March and the screen writer is almost finished with the first draft. The process is moving fast.

When will it be on the big screen?

It’s in the works and things are moving ahead, but beyond that I can’t say much.

Let’s shift gears here a little. Last autumn you and Mark Hall put on a local men’s gathering at Camp Augusta. How did that go?

It worked out great. In a last minute scramble, Mark and I rented the building and put out fliers in less than a month. We didn’t have much time, but sixty local men showed up and we had a great weekend. I hadn’t realized how much something like that was needed in this community.

How much did you charge for the weekend?

That was the cool part. We charged nothing. A guy could show up for an hour or stay the whole weekend, we didn’t care. We provided food and a place to stay and charged six dollars per meal on a meal by meal basis.

you must have lost some money on that.

Actually, after all was said and done, we lost two hundred dollars.

At that rate, you can’t put on too many of those.

I’ve lived in this county thirty-two years and though the early years were tough, this community helped me continue my dream of being an artist. I’m fifty-seven now and I think it’s payback time. If all I lost was two hundred, I count that as a small donation to help bring men out of our self-imposed isolation. This coming summer the men are planning on holding a “guy” Garage Sale to pony up the basic cost for the weekend.

How many men stayed?

Considering that we are in this age of MTV and short attention spans, I expected a big turnover. I was astounded to see most of the men stay the whole weekend.

What did you do?

That is something that men will have to show up for next year to find out, but we had a good time. We have the lodge booked for October of this year for a second go at it. It will be free, of course. I want to add a note, because this is important. Out of the sixty men who showed up for the weekend, twenty-one signed up for weekly men’s groups. We broke the groups up into three segments of seven and two of those groups are still meeting weekly. That’s fourteen men who are getting the support they deserve from their fellow men. There is nothing better than knowing when things go bad, as they often do, we have other men watching our backs.

I hear your wife and you are planning something similar for men and women this April.

Yes, April 14,15,16 to be exact. Since the men’s gathering was so successful, Barbara and I booked the lodge to gather for twenty women and twenty men. It will be a little more structured than the men’s weekend and demands more of a commitment, but other than the seventy-five dollar donation for five meals, the cost is nothing. If a person can’t afford the meals it can be adjusted and if there are dietary restrictions, the person can bring their own food.

Why are you doing this?

Both Barbara and I believe that it is time to give back to our community and what better way than to bring the two sexes together so we can learn about and be less afraid of one another. We live in a world that separates men and women, isn’t it time that we learn to honor our differences and find a place where we can meet.

Good luck with the movie. I look forward to seeing Bob and that dork Stewart on the big screen.

Me too.

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