Betty Sharon Hess – featured obituary |

Betty Sharon Hess – featured obituary

Our mom loved gardening, picking and canning

fruit, playing the piano, walking with friends,

talking on the phone, visiting neighbors and relatives,

baking goodies to eat and give away, singing country

music, and sewing crafts and quilts. She loved her

family, our dad, traveling and doing fun things with her

grandkids, her friends, her stuff, yard sales and Jesus.

When we were little girls, she told us about a place

where darkness never comes, rain never falls, roads

are never icy, gardens never dry up, souls never cry,

and there are no bills that have to be paid there.

That’s not all… the river is always warm enough to

swim in and the fruit is always ripe on the trees. In

this place called Heaven, there are glorious mansions

that are neither built nor cleaned by human hands…. homes that can’t be bought

or earned because they have already been paid for by another. “A place beyond this

World” she told us, “that is so glorious there are no words to describe it… as if trying

to describe a color to a person who was born blind, there is nothing here, nor in

any of our reservoirs of memories, to even compare it to.” An existence, she taught

us, where painful memories and feelings of sadness, are forever buried, and where

heartaches melt away in the sunshine, only to be replaced with euphoria, and a

body that will never again die. If we could stand in this wonderful place for just

a few moments, with our Lord, and all the people we’ve ever loved, we’d probably

wonder why, in the face of such debilitating illness, we fought so hard to stay here.

Yet, when she got sick, even though she tried to keep a peaceful and positive demeanor,

she couldn’t understand why she had to leave here so soon. There were letters to write,

phone calls to make, lessons to be taught, cards to be sent, and someone, somewhere,

that still needed her help with something. There were quilts to be sewn, stuff to be

organized, and great-grandchildren, yet unborn, to be welcomed into the world.

There was so much left to do. Though her progressing illness slowed her down, she

continued on with her daily tasks, and with all of her family members taking turns

helping her, did the best she could to stay cheerful and hopeful. As the long, dark

winter days finally turned into sunny ones, she was happy to visit family members and

friends who came to see her in Oregon. She tried to make the best of every moment,

when, in the quiet of the weekend afternoon on May 20th, with the same peaceful

resolve that had defined her life, she left this world and headed for that “place” that

she had always talked about, but had only seen previously through eyes of faith.

Now she understands….. Sharon, PJ, Judy, Rosemary, Carolyn.

Services will be held at Penn Valley Community Church on

11739 Spenceville Road in Penn Valley, California,

on Sunday, June 4th, at 1:30 PM.

March 2, 1939 – May 20, 2006

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