Back, Body & Beyond provides relief, support and well-being |

Back, Body & Beyond provides relief, support and well-being

If you are looking for a store that caters to your mental, physical and health needs, you might try Back, Body & Beyond, where owner Lisa Miglietta has assembled many, many tools to help with the healing process. Their mission is to bring healing products and services to Nevada County, focused on relief for the ailing, support of the injured, and simply maintaining the healthy.

Lisa, what was your intention in starting your shop?

Eastern cultures have long understood and implemented alternative methods for achieving harmony. While we “Westerners” are behind the curve, a myriad of phenomenon beg us to consider how we can best take care of ourselves, i.e. coping with rising cost of health care, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, and the conventional medical practitioners’ reluctance to consider “the human spirit” when diagnosing and treating. I wanted to have a place where people could find products and services to integrate with traditional western medicine. Thankfully, our community is rich with progressive, alternative practitioners.

What we have been missing, until now, are products to complement their services, that is where the store comes in. Back, Body & Beyond offers incredible back and body products, as we strive to continually increase our vision with new items which can contribute to joy, peace and harmony. Our inventory is diverse in nature, and themed entirely around comfort.

While a special support pillow will ease an aching back, essential oils and environmental fragrancing can passively alleviate the stresses of the day, thus creating a state of well-being.

What is an important element your clients seek?

Being well! Our contribution to “well-being” is principled in the belief that alternative health care options, supported with tangible products and tools, can give most of us the upper edge on being and staying “well”. The use of proper sleeping pillows, chair and car supports, massage tools and rehabilitative exercise equipment can, in many instances, stave off a surgical procedure. Such products also tremendously enhance the healing process when invasive procedures are unavoidable. A good night’s sleep can boost the body’s capacity to heal, and in the long term, sustain good health. More and more people are enjoying uniquely designed pillows like full body pillows, memory foam, water, air, micro-bead and buckwheat. We have also found that a bed wedge, knee spacers/elevator, cervical or lumbar support allow people to position themselves in ways they didn’t previously consider, thereby promoting more restful sleep.

You offer so much more – can you explain?

We have a large variety of natural remedies. Maintaining good health from the inside is vital to an alternative approach. Many people are interested in the natural approach of homeopathy, but apprehensive about which remedies to choose. A good homeopathy line not only offers single remedy pellets for the seasoned homeopathic user, but more importantly includes an ample array of complexes, already mixed to target a specific condition. For instance, the novice consumer will feel confident in selecting single-dose complexes for conditions like bug bites, eczema, snoring, tobacco addition, menopause, stress, cold & sinus, motion sickness, to name just a few, without trying to figure out which single remedies to combine.

We also find there is a large demand and need for nutritional assistance. Doctor’s purport that a balanced daily diet provides all the nutritional needs we require, yet research shows time and again, that nutritional supplementation is critical for a number of reasons. The environment we live in can deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients. Soil conditions (where our food is grown) may not provide the necessary essential trace minerals required for optimal nutrition. Additionally, certain health conditions can prevent the body from absorbing and/or properly processing essential nutrients. Not dissimilar to good homeopathic blends, vitamins which address conditions through complex formulations, minimizing the need to figure out which combinations to take are much more likely to be used on a long-term basis. A progressive approach to vitamin manufacturing combines vitamins, minerals and herbs.

There are the scents to assist with well-being, why are they popular?

Aromatherapy is becoming widely accepted as a means to ease many conditions that wreak havoc on our mind, body and spirit. While medical research on these compounds in still in its infancy, essential oils have been used as remedies for hundreds of years for a wide variety of ailments and among various cultures. Like other medications, the active ingredients in essential oils must reach the bloodstream if they are to achieve the desired effect. This can be accomplished through inhalation by way of a diffusion system, or application on the skin through massage, lotions, and bathing. Both methods require a little education to prevent improper use so it is recommended that you do your homework or consult with someone knowledgeable. Aromatherapy can benefit a vast number of conditions from emotional maladies (depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, stress, etc.), to physical conditions such as sleeplessness, pain management, memory stimulation, or weight-loss prevention.

What does one do for stress and anxiety?

We offer “Soul” Support as well. Let’s face it – sometimes our well-being is not directly connected to an identifiable ailment. We just love to be pampered. What else could be better for the spirit than a little self-indulgence? Stress and anxiety all too often consumes our days – jobs, financial worries, relationships, or caring for a loved-one. Occasionally treating yourself to a small purchase of a yummy all natural body lotion with a pleasing scent, a lovely aromatic candle, a warming neck roll or herbal eye pillow can refresh your stamina, again improving your overall well-being. Best of all, for a complete mind, body, and spirit experience, treat your self to a luxurious massage. A professional massage can have long lasting therapeutic affects. Take it a step further and consider a salt scrub, or mud wrap, which are a luxurious alternative therapy for de-stressing and detoxifying.

Lisa Miglietta, is the owner of Back, Body & Beyond, 605 S. Auburn, Suite D, at the corner of Empire St. and So. Auburn. 530-273-3271.


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 530-265-9255 or

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