Authorities respond to cluster of profane graffiti in Grass Valley (video) |

Authorities respond to cluster of profane graffiti in Grass Valley (video)

Authorities were dispatched around 7 a.m. Wednesday in response to reports of graffiti in Grass Valley.

As of Wednesday afternoon, according to Grass Valley Police Sgt. Clint Bates, authorities had confirmed two churches, Mount St. Mary’s Academy, a private residence, and a vehicle were vandalized with “anti-Semitic and profane language.”

Bates did not name the churches, but said one was located on Chapel Street and the other on South Church Street. He said all of the confirmed graffiti locations were within a small area near those two streets and Condon Park.

A follow-up investigation regarding the vandalism was underway. Bates said that while authorities have not yet confirmed how many people were involved, the “consistent“ nature of the graffiti immediately made it clear that the same person or group of people were responsible for the multiple instances.

“The kids were pretty upset this morning when they came on campus and saw all the graffiti,” said Edee Wood, principal of Mount St. Mary’s Academy. “We just wanted to reassure the students that everything was OK, and that we would take care of it, but they were pretty upset by what they saw.”

Wood described the graffiti, which affected both the school and associated church, as containing both racist and generally profane symbols and language, including swastikas, the number “666,” and “pictures of private parts.“

She said the school has been affected by graffiti before, but that this time was particularly widespread throughout their campus.

Security camera footage shows that more than one person was involved in the vandalism, and places them at the campus around 1 a.m., according to Wood. The school was in the process of transferring that footage to authorities as of Wednesday afternoon.

Wood said that while the vandalism was disheartening, she is thankful for community support following the incident.

She said that, amid the rain and snow, a roofing crew from MEC Builds, as well as a separate family equipped with a power washer, came in the morning to help clean the graffiti.

“We feel supported in people trying to help us get it all cleaned up,” said Wood.

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