At the county libraries |

At the county libraries

Celebrate Women’s History Month with a book from the Nevada County libraries.

“Indira” by Katherine Frank (NC)

“The Floating Brothel” by Sian Rees (NC)

“Gwen John, A Painter’s Life” by Sue Roe (NC)

“The Complete Novels” by Charlotte and Emily Bronte (PV)

“Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellion” by Gloria Steinem (PV)

“We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters” by Cokie Roberts (PV)

“Marilyn Monroe” by Roger Baker (NC)

“Terrible Tsarinas” by Henri Troyat (NC)

“Last Days of Glory: The Death of Queen Victoria” by Tony Rennell (NC)

“Mary Shelley” by Miranda Seymour (NC, TR)

“Marie Antoinette” by Antonia Fraser (NC)

“Elegy for Iris” by John Bayley (sound cassette, NC)

“Virginia Woolf” by Nigel Nicolson (NC, GV)

“George Eliot, the Last Victorian” by Kathryn Hughes (NC)

“To Keep the Waters Troubled: The Life of Ida B. Wells” by Linda O. Murry (NC)

“Life So Far” by Betty Friedan (NC, GV)

“Lola Montes” by M. Cannon (NC)

“Gap-toothed Women” by Les Blank (video, NC)

“Jane Stanford” by Gunther Nagel (NC)

“Helen Keller: A Life” by Dorothy Hermann (sound cassette, NC)

“Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin” by Alice Echols (NC)

“Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony In Her Own Words” by Lynn Sherr (NC)

“Emma Hamilton” by Norah Lofts (NC, TR)

“She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall” by Misty Bernall (NC, TR, GV)

“Golda” by Peggy Mann (NC)

“Madame Sarah” by Cornelia Otis Skinner (NC, TR)

“Me” by Katherine Hepburn (NC, PV, GV, TR)

“The Sound of Wings by Amelia Earhart” by Mary S. Lovell (NC, TR)

“Anne Boleyn” by Norah Lofts (NC, TR, GV)

“Marguerite Duras: A Life” by Laure Adler (NC, GV)

“Marlene Dietrich” by Steven Bach (NC)

“A Tribute to Anne Frank” by Anna G. Steenmeijer (NC)

“Margaret Mead: A Life” by Jane Howard (NC, TR, GV)

“Marie Curie” by Susan Quinn (NC)

“And a Voice to Sing With” by Joan Baez (NC, GV, TR)

“How I Grew” by Mary McCarthy (NC, GV)

“Willa Cather: The Emerging Voice” by Sharon O’Brien (NC)

“The Hidden Life of Emily Dickinson” by John Evangelist Walsh (NC, TR)

“Betty: A Glad Awakening” by Betty Ford with Chris Chase (NC, TR, GV)

“Rose Wilder Lane: Her Story” by Rose Wilder Lane and Roger Lea MacBride (NC, GV)

“Gracie: A Love Story” by George Burns (NC, GV, TR)

“Through a Window: My 30 Years with the Chimpanzees of Gambe” by Jane Goodall (NC, GV, TR)

“Eudora: A Writer’s Life” by Ann Waldron (NC)

“Madame de Maintenon” by Charlotte Haldane (NC)

“Courting Danger” by Alice Marble with Dale Leatherman (NC, GV)

“Bowen’s Court” by Elizabeth Bowen (NC)

“The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” by Gertrude Stein (NC, GV)

“Dragon Lady: The Life and Legend of the Last Empress of China” by Sterling Seagrave (NC)

“Isadora: A Sensational Life” by Peter Kurth (NC, GV)

“The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon” by Brian Thompson (NC, GV)

“Once Upon a Time: A True Story” by Gloria Vanderbilt (NC, TR, GV)

“Barbra: A Biography of Barbra Streisand” by Donald Zee and Anthony Fowles (NC)

“Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years” by Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth (NC, TR, GV)

“Clare Booth Luce” by Stephen Shadegg (NC)

“A Woman Named Jackie” by C. David Heymann (NC, TR, GV)

“Grace” by Robert Lacey (NC)

“Anne Sexton: A Biography” by Diane Wood Middlebook (NC)

“It’s Always Something” by Gilda Radner (NC, GV)

“My Turn” by Nancy Reagan (NC, GV)

“Charmed Circle” by Gertrude Stein and company (NC)

“The Lady of the House” by Sally Stanford (NC)

“Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland” by Gerald Clarke (NC)

“Martha: The Life and Works of Martha Graham” by Agnes de Mille (NC)

“Emma Goldman: An Intimate Life” by Alice Wexler (NC)

“The Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me” by Lillian Gish with Ann Binchot (NC)

“Galileo’s Daughter” by Dava Sobel (NC)

“Lillian Hellman: The Image, The Woman” by William Wright (NC)

“Opal” by Opal Whitely (NC)

“Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahle” by Hayden Herrera (NC, PV, GV)

“Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Mother Queen” by Desmond Seward (NC)

“George Eliot” by Fredrick Karl (NC)

“Eleanor Aquitaine and the Four Kings” by Amy Kelly (NC)

“Elizabeth: The Struggle for The Throne” by David Starkey (NC)

“Joan of Arc” by Mary Gordon (NC)

“Sovereign Elizabeth II and the Windsor Dynasty” by Roland Flamini (NC)

“The Queen Mother” By Ann Morrow (NC, GV)

“Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba” by Alina Fernandez (NC)

“Diana: Her True Story” by Andrew Morton (NC, TR, GV)

“A Memoir” by Barbara Bush (NC)

“Now” by Lauren Bacall (NC)

“The Heart of a Woman” by Maya Angelou (NC)

“Madeline Albright” by Michael Dobbs (NC)

“Dearest Friend, The Life of Abigail Adams” by Lynne Withey (TR)

“Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Biography” by Noel Bertram Gerson (NC)

“Ice Bound: A Doctor’s Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole” by Dr. Jerri Nielsen and Mary Anne Vollers (NC, BR, PV, GV, TR)

“Margaret Thatcher: The Downing Street Years” by Margaret Thatcher (NC)

“Julia Morgan, Architect” by Sara Holmes Boutelle (NC)

“Mother Teresa” by Ann and Janette Petrie (video, NC)

“Amelia Earhart: Queen of the Air” (video, NC)

“Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony” by Ken Burns and Paul Barnes (video, NC)

“Written by Herself: Autobiography of American Women” by Jill Conway (NC)

NC, GV and TR at the end of each title denote the library which owns the book. NC is Madelyn Helling Library, GV is Grass Valley and TR is Truckee.

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