Area chiropractors have own specialities and techniques |

Area chiropractors have own specialities and techniques

Suzie interviews local chiropractors on the methods they use in their practice. Chiropractic medicine has become the third largest primary health care field in the world after medicine and dentistry. It offers patients a drug-free natural healing form of health care through a variety of spinal adjustment techniques as well as lifestyle and nutritional education.

Chiropractic adjustments can help improve alignment and motion as it relieves nerve irritation and pain. The belief is that the body has a natural ability to heal itself and proper chiropractic care can help with problems from accidents, stress, and injuries. I asked the following practitioners to explain their specialty in the vast field of chiropractic care.

J. Carlos Portillo, DC

Besides my general chiropractic work, I specialize in enzyme replacement therapy, a unique nutritional technique, where we can actually analyze if you are able to digest your diet. Digestive stress is a major problem, and can have many symptoms in our bodies.

Pain, inflammation, stiff/sore joints, constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating are but a few. I have come to believe that ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia are directly related to digestive stress.

Enzyme replacement therapy is an effective treatment for these chronic conditions. In addition, our emotions and thoughts can have an effect on our chronic muscle tension, and painful joints.

With the client’s permis-sion, emotional release technique can be used to address these stresses. Helping someone who has a long history of illness with either nutritional support or emotional release is the biggest joy of my practice. In addition, my office offers Reiki and massage treatments. 265-6954

Rich Oberleitner, DC, “Dr. O”

Clients come as they seek to move from pain to power, dis-ease to ease. In my practice, I take time with clients in a low key, nurturing approach using a wide variety of treatment techniques and tools.

I use a gentle style of non-force techniques that range from SOT blocks, modified cranial sacral, activator, drop table, and flexion distraction for gentle stretches determined by the clients needs.

Time is taken to discuss nutrition, appropriate exercise, stretches, postural influences, and day-to-day activities to empower the client for healing. Soft tissue (modified Trager, therapeutic, deep tissue, infinity machine, trigger point) Diagnostic Tools (surface EMG, objective muscle strength tester gauge) and therapies (thermal, vibrational, trigger point, manual stretch/drop table) are commonly used.

I check the body for ease throughout the process which includes breathe, balance, muscle tone, and range of motion.

This approach is fine tuned to the client’s feedback and results. Many clients choose to supplement their care with a massage from our in-house licensed massage therapists.; 478-9939

Judy Fox, DC

I approach my patients’ spine from a very structural prospective. When one presents with a spine that needs assistance, there are usually three major categories that contribute to pain and discomfort.

First, there is the physical aspect – genetics, maintenance (how one takes care of their body) daily repetitive habits (how you hold yourself as you sleep or work). The second is the mental or one’s thoughts and emotions. What is the self-image, self-talk, stress levels, anger, mind-body connection?

The third element is chemical – one’s diet, toxin level and environmental exposure. All these factors enter into a need for an adjustment. When a patient comes to me with a complaint, I feel and discern where in the spine the joints are not functioning as they were designed.

My job is to mechanically repair and correct the spine as much as is allowed. The one on one contact with my patients, getting to know them on many levels is very important to me. 477-0255

Peter Zeischegg, DC, Dr. Z

I just graduated as a Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist from the Carrick Institute, after completing more than 475 hours of post-graduate studies in Clinical Neurology, for the treatment of ADD/ADHD and Vertigo/Vestibular Disorders. The emphasis of my current clinical work is to assess the influence of cortical/brain imbalance – or brain hemisphericity – on such human expressions as muscle tone, balance, sight, hearing, taste, attention, moods, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, bladder and sexual function.

Our brain governs all of our human functions and is receptor driven, meaning it responds to stimulation. Nearly 90 percent of this stimulation is derived from receptors in muscles and joints. This means that our brain function can be altered and improved with stimulation that is appropriate and based on clinical insight.

With the brain hemisphere specific chiropractic adjustments that I perform, along with dietary changes and stimulation such as sound, light, eye movements and spins, remarkable changes in all areas of human expression are possible., 265-2389


You can meet these chiropractors and many other healing arts practitioners at the Mind Body Spirit Health Fair, March 19 & 20 at The Miners Foundry Cultural Center. For more information, call 530-265-5040 or visit

Suzie Daggett is the TV host of Healing INsights on NCTV, and the publisher of INSIGHT, the Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 265-9255 or

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