Anti-Agenda 21 author tells Grass Valley to seize control |

Anti-Agenda 21 author tells Grass Valley to seize control

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Don’t be surprised to see more opponents of a United Nations’ planning and development blueprint at local municipal meetings and at the doorsteps of area nonprofits.

Rosa Koire, a self-proclaimed liberal and author of “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21,” told scores of people at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall Tuesday that development efforts billed as “sustainable” or “smart growth” are just the tip of an iceberg designed to strip rural communities of their property rights and turn them into dense urban centers.

Koire further told the crowd to become proactive, attend government meetings and speak out against Agenda 21-related matters during the open-topic comment portions of such public gatherings.

“You are going to go and talk to your elected officials and if they blow you off, you are going to target them for removal,” Koire told the crowd about voting uncooperative representatives out of office.

“Dominate your government meetings,” Koire said at the three-hour lecture put on by the California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners, or CABPRO.

The speaker’s topic was focused on the United Nations’ Agenda 21, which was developed during a conference on environment and development that was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The 40-chapter document attempts to craft global policy on combating poverty, altering consumption patterns, ending deforestation, protecting environments, conserving biological diversity and managing of radioactive wastes.

“It is the blueprint, the action plan, to inventory and control, all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all education, all energy, all information and all human needs in the world,” Koire said.

“It is a comprehensive plan.”

The UN document is widely opposed by conservatives and Republicans, many of whom view it as a comprehensive conspiracy or plot, as evidenced by a 2012 resolution passed by the Republican National Committee that labeled it as a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control. Alabama has banned Agenda 21 within its boarders.

“This is not a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory,” Koire said.

Much of the author’s perspective on the initiative was portrayed through a planning, zoning and development framework Tuesday.

By leveraging funding for agencies such as Housing and Urban Development, along with the departments of energy and education, Koire said communities are pushed toward high-density urban development and away from rural lifestyles.

At one point in Tuesday’s talk, Koire suggested Agenda 21 proponents have “hijacked the environmental movement” and used global warming to justify a solution that fits Agenda 21’s supposed high-density vision.

What is unsustainable? Koire rhetorically asked the audience. The answer, she said that Agenda 21 posits, is that the middle class lifestyle of owning property, a yard and cars is not sustainable.

“Life in the suburbs and rural areas is unsustainable because it produces too many greenhouse gas emissions,” Koire said, emulating the argument for dense urban planning.

“It is the kind of thing that makes you sound crazy when you talk about it,” she said.

“Well it is crazy, but we aren’t.”

Koire was a nearly three-decade member of the California Department of Transportation who, as a district manager, specialized in real estate appraisal and eminent domain. That was until she took on fighting against sustainable development.

Beyond her professional credentials, Koire began her talk Tuesday by telling the Grass Valley crowd that she used to call herself progressive and that she has long been a registered Democrat who is anti-war, pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Koire noted that she is married to another woman.

“The information and conclusions that I am presenting were difficult because they contradicted my world view,” Koire said.

The speaker flaunted her liberal credentials to the crowd made up of a sizable cadre of Tea Party members to illustrate a point: Agenda 21 “is not a left or a right or a partisan issue,” she said.

Beyond confronting government agencies and representatives and scrutinizing their policies, Koire said to subject nonprofit agencies to the same kinds of oversight.

If a nonprofit supports the kind of sustainability development or receives funding from Agenda 21-related organizations, cease supporting them, she said. Koire implicated the Sierra Business Council and Nevada City’s Sustainability Team as such organizations.

She also requested that those who attended Tuesday’s meeting copy fliers she supplied and leave them on doorsteps.

“Have compassion,” Koire said. “People don’t get it right away … Have patience.”

However, that statement was followed with the advice — “Don’t be so nice,” she said. “This is war.”

— The Union was unable to reach CABPRO’s executive director, Chuck Shea, nor a leading member of the Nevada City Sustainablity Team, by phone Wednesday.

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