Annual Nevada County tax auction to take place in November |

Annual Nevada County tax auction to take place in November

Sam Corey
Staff Writer


Nevada County Office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector

Eric Rood Administrative Center, Suite 290

950 Maidu Ave., Nevada City

When property owners fail to pay taxes on their property for more than five years, responsibility of the land falls to the Nevada County government.

Currently, 26 property owners who have not paid their property taxes have been placed on the county’s tax auction list. They have until 5 p.m. Nov. 6 to redeem their properties in full.

As of July 1, the county retained the “power to sell” delinquent properties, said Tina Vernon, the county’s treasurer/tax collector. The number of property owners on the county’s tax auction list typically declines before the Nov. 6 deadline, as some owners pay their back taxes. The list typically includes about 40 owners around this time.

The county sends letters, makes calls and conducts site visits — if there is a structure on the property — to the listed property owners, ensuring they know of the possible auction and sale of their property.

“We’re notifying these individuals at least three times a year,” said Vernon.

After Nov. 6, an auction is conducted via the website Those wanting to bid on a property must register on the website sometime in September, though the date hasn’t been set yet, Vernon said.

The treasurer/tax collector said most properties include vacant land. Rarely are occupied homes sold through the auction.

“It’s very, very rare that we actually sell an occupied home,” said Vernon.

More commonly, she said, homes go to auction because the property owners have died and the heirs to the property do not want to manage the sale’s logistics.

Whatever land is sold has mortgages and liens against the property owners cleared. Any additional money received by the county government beyond the repaid taxes goes to a fund for lien holders and possibly the property owner.

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