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WWII Love Letters: Elections, malaria on Claude’s mind

Editor’s Note: In this letter from navy man Claude Dawson to his wife Nadine in San Francisco, he reveals his political leanings in the 1944 presidential election. Like other service men and women in the South Pacific, he was taking Atabrine, an anti-malaria medication.

It’s the sixth letter in a month-long series The Union is running, drawing upon on the scores of missies discovered recently at a Grass Valley thrift store.

New Guinea

10 Nov. 1944

Dearest Little Wife:

Have only received two letters this week so will speed one along by writing to you Darling.

We received the finals of the election last night, I wasn’t a bit surprised to see Roosevelt over-whelmingly go in again. I was surprised to see Dewey carry so many states, tho. I don’t mind seeing Roosevelt go in again but there is naturally one drawback and that is Harry Truman. He in my estimation is the Al Smith type of politician, no background and no future for lack of proper education and that necessary polish. All we can hope for now is Roosevelts health. Christ it would be catastrophic to have HT for President. Quite a bit of money was won & lost here on the election. the odds were 5 to 2 naturally on Roosevelt. You can in the very near future look for some Presidential Decree which will be very gratifying to the public at large. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion all the time that the European war could be speeded up.

Summer is drawing closer & closer all the time, today was terribly hot. We don’t have many mosquitoes as yet, and I hope it stays that way. Were still taking Atabrine, however.

Glad you heard from Mrs. Thornsbury that certainly was a strange way for Beorne to act. But he’s a strange guy.

My hands are healing up fine now. But I got the athletes foot on my middle toe on my left foot, but thats nothing up here. Its popular to have it.

Studied every night this week and will continue for a while. Getting the SH & typing swell. The SH comes back pretty easy when you actually concentrate on it. Has your Mamma arrived yet? Its good you got that car so Ann can stay too. I don’t know how my weight is now as we don’t have scale. But I know I weigh less than in Australia. I can tell by my stomach.

Haven’t had a copy of the Trib. for a long time but they came in spells.

Played a little poker up until the time I started studying and broke even.

There goes the bugle for supper so will close no honey.

You write wonderful letters

Your husband


Love & Kisses

Every day that goes by moves you and home that much closer. Say hello to all.

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