MARRIAGES: nov. 19-DEC. 6, 2018 |

MARRIAGES: nov. 19-DEC. 6, 2018

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Nov. 19

Wright and Giordano: Jillian Simone Wright and Peter Anthony Giordano.

Nov. 20

Millar and Watson: Martha Anne Millar and Michael Mark Watson.

Nov. 21

Whitmarsh and Hamilton: Mariah Dean Whitmarsh and Zachary Grant Hamilton.

Nov. 26

Freeman and Angkratok: Sequila Aimee Freeman and Porntep Suba Angkratok.

Nov. 30

Caine and Mason: Linelle Frances Caine and Wilbert Henry Mason.

Burke and Bartek: Susan Eileen Burke and Phillip Arthur Bartek.

Dec. 5

Uribe and Funk: Maria Marcos Uribe and Edward Jackson Funk.

Dec. 6

Trauntvein: A boy was born to Audrey and Ryan Trauntvein.

Jones and Wilson: Sheryl Helene Jones and Jan Leroy Wilson.

Riley and Murphy: Anne Elizabeth Riley and Brian Reidy Murphy.

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