MARRIAGES: May 7-May 22 |

MARRIAGES: May 7-May 22

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May 7

Leppek and Kirby: Katherine Marie Leppek and Scott Wesley Kirby.

Thomas and Devera: Ashlyn Kristine Thomas and Michael Anthony Devera.

Avalos and McElroy: Alana Ciera Avalos and Jordan Thomas McElroy.

Rivera and Conroy: Sylvia Lyanne Rivera and DeVaughn Quinton Conroy.

Doorneweerd and Webb: Melissa Nicole Doorneweerd and Patrick Donald Webb.

Beith and Burns: Kelsey Lynn Beith and Rylan Elliot Burns.

May 8

Garcia Galindo and Davis: Maria Antonia Garcia Galindo and Kevin Richard Davis.

May 9

Nathanson and Gold: Karen Lynn Nathanson and Mark Steven Gold.

May 11

Stancliffe and Gray: Ashley Stancliffe and Ethan Ryder Gray.

Friday and Montagne: Christie Carleen Friday and Bradley Scott Montagne.

May 14

Green and Garleb: Samantha Elizabeth Green and Raymond Lee Garleb.

Whalen-McMains and Crumrine: Loreen Elizabeth Whalen-McMains and Mark David Crumrine.

Pfadt and Parra: Jessica Marie Pfadt and Darin August Parra.

May 15

Hinojosa and Moffatt: Emma Francis Hinojosa and Riley Thomas Moffatt.

Milhous and Smallwood: Jessica Ann Milhous and Julian Connor Smallwood.

Bell and Duncan: Jennifer Whitney Bell and Colton Andrew Duncan.

May 17

Banghart and Smith: Ruth Elizabeth Banghart and Lawson Hencz Smith.

Kennard and Cedars: Shannon Ann Kennard and Christopher Michael Cedars.

Toro and Manuel: Justine Eve Toro and Matthew Richard Manuel.

Tillman and Risso: Beverly Gay Tillman and Mark Steven Risso.

Brown and Mantovan: Pamela Lynn Brown and Monty Joseph Mantovan.

May 18

Rowe and McKenzie: Bobbie Marie Rowe and James Michael McKenzie.

McDonald and Romo: Mary Cassie Ana McDonald and Caleb Michael Romo.

Gill and Gill: Peggy Spangler Gill and David Stillman Gill.

Gruener and Klasna: Allison Elizabeth Gruener and Trent Norman Klasna.

Crane and Downes: Pamela Joan Crane and Joseph Alexander Downes.May 21

Edbrooke and Souza: Hanalei Sian Edbrooke and Gavin Michael Souza.

May 22

Adams and Bobzien: Andrea Ann Adams and Tyler Jo Bobzien.

Burke and Reagan: Spencer Dylan Burke and Andrew Hover Reagan.

Cummins and Johnson: Melanie Alice Cummins and Levi David Johson.

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