MARRIAGES: May 23- June 8 |

MARRIAGES: May 23- June 8

May 23

Lovitt and Cooke: Karen Leigh Lovitt and Edwin Nathan Cooke.

Kelly and Buschmann: Megan Marie Kelly and Steven Carl Buschmann.

May 24

Bearden and Cooke: Emily Alexandra Bearden and Jacob Alan Cooke.

Medlyn and Ehrlich: Danielle Christina Medlyn and Christopher Brian Ehrlich.

Mosel and Campbell: Shelby Lillian Mosel and Cody Diamond Campbell.

May 25

Fuller and Shapiro: Ciara Danille Fuller and Michael Samuel Shapiro.

Porter and Grant: Whitney Marie Porter and Cody Adam Grant.

Green and Rockholt: Lynette Thelma Green and Joseph Charles Rockholt.

May 29

Wells and Robinson: Megan Mauri Wells and Anaya Doris Robinson.

Obarr and Miller: Tracy Elanor Obarr and James Owen Miller.

May 30

Zehe and Smith: Kassandra Kristine Zehe and Lucas Auzers Smith.

May 31

Bennett and Lomeli: Brooke Haley Bennett and Hector Mariano Lomeli.

Buchholz and Burke: Joshua Mathew Buchholz and Isaac Emerson Burke.

Meadows and Watson: Katie Jane Meadows and Jedidiah Nathan Watson.

Buchanan and McKay: Jessica Alice Buchanan and Russell Don McKay.

Loberg and Kading: Danielle Christine Loberg and Jack Wilson Kading.

Limov and Smith: Abigail Laurel Limov and Benjamin James Smith.

Mello and Swartzendruber: Taylor Garren Mello and Nicholas Joseph Swartzendruber.

June 1

Garren and McGuire: Jessica Robyn Garren and Drew Thomas McGuire.

Mosby and Brown: Kyla Dawn Mosby and Benjamin Martin Brown.

Rauterkus and Bain: Paige Nicole Rauterkus and Matthew Henry Bain.

June 4

Tillotson and Kruse: Brandi Lynn Tillotson and Phillip Allen Kruse.

June 5

Madsen and Drummond: Melanie Rose Madsen and Eric Wayne Drummond.

June 6

Lopez Huidobro and Chacon: Rebeca Zoila Lopez Huidobro and Benitez Maecelino Chacon.

Bauer and Slade: Hannah Marie Bauer and Jason Alexander Slade.

June 8

Galvan and Deane: Gricelda Galvan and Michael Edward Deane.

Edwards and Howard: Courtney Blair Edwards and Andrew John Howard.

Fregoso and Boyle: Julie Ann Fregoso and Joseph Jonrobert Boyle.

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