MARRIAGES: June 11- June 22 |

MARRIAGES: June 11- June 22

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June 11

Palmer and Childs: Michelle Renae Palmer and Daniel Abe Childs

Sleigh and Garcia: Christina Leighann Sleigh and Henry Nathan Garcia.

Molzahn and Clover: Kalyn Elizabeth Molzahn and Brett David Clover, II.

Orlandi and Latus: Morgan Justine Orlandi and Matthew Thomas Latus.

Handy and Carlson: Brandon Kelly Handy and Wade Montgomery Carlson.

June 12

Enslow and Ortega: Andrea Danielle Enslow and Clarence Dennis Orgega, Jr.

June 13

Majneric and Rossiter: Sherry Cherriguene Majneric and Ryan Nicholas Rossiter.

Armstrong and Bauers: Economou Nina Jeanee Armstrong and Larken Richard Bauers.

June 14

Zink and Ziegenhirt: Elise Michelle Zink and Jason Andrew Ziegenhirt.

Avery and Kozek: Jessica Belle Avery and Kyle Russell Kozek.

June 15

Baxter and Gerson: Colleen Lauren Baxter and Mathew Jonathan Gerson.

Predmore and Stubstad: Jennifer Lee Predmore and Paavo Niri Stubstad.

June 18

Halls and Campbell: Heather Anne Halls and Noah Campbell.

Jackson and Collins: Charity Nicole Jackson and Cameron Michael Collins.

June 19

Wood and Stephan: Emily Anne Wood and Daniel Christopher Stephan.

June 20

McKinney and McClure: Kaitlyn Elizabeth McKinney and Michael Marshall McClure.

Fuller and Halama: Maura Elizabeth Fuller and Trevor Alan Halama.

June 21

Deleon Morales and Goldberg: Maria Alejandra Deleon Morales and Jacob Alexander Goldberg.

Vincent and Gwiazdon Jamisa Loy Vincent and Alan Joseph Gwiazdon.

Arsenith and George: Rose Ellen Arsenith and Janna Nicole George.

June 22

Kiesow and Crenshaw: Shelby Lorraine Kiesow and Johnathan Tyler Crenshaw.

Foley and Lee: Adele Suzette Foley and Rolin King Lee.

Pascoe and Jackson: Monica Lynn Pascoe and Andrew Michael Jackson.

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