Marriages: July 2-13, 2018 |

Marriages: July 2-13, 2018

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July 2

Samuels and Ezzell: Emma Rachel Samuels and Alex Ezzell

Sheffield and Bower: Melinda Anne Sheffield and Benjamin Morgan Bower.

July 3

Lee and Smith: Amanda Christeen Lee and David Scott Smith.

July 5

Mehrer and Cassel: Nicole Elise Mehrer and Christian Robert Cassel.

Williamson and Snavely: Kendra Taylor Williamson and Jason Michael Snavely.

July 6

Wells and Myers: Stephanie Lane Wells and David Troy Myers.

Snowmountain and Stafford: Susan Laura Snowmountain and Leland Stafford II.

July 9

Kavros and Jones: Danielle Lynn Kavros and Dillon Cole Jones.

Dorr and Clark: Nichole Angelina Dorr and Matthew Lance Clark.

July 11

Dilts and McMillan: Felicity Denice Dilts and Shawn Robert McMillan.

July 12

Clock and Sandiforth: Megan Marie Clock and Kurt Alan Sandiforth.

July 13

Gamet and McCormick: Sandra Michelle Gamet and John S. McCormik, Jr.

Schiro and Martisko: Mollie Michele Schiro and Chase Alan Martisko.

Segel and Ihrig: Emily Christine Segel and Gabriel Christopher Ihrig.

Norlund and Just: Emily Rose Norlund and Morgan Jack Just.

Peck and Webber: Judy Elizabeth Peck and Steven Gene Webber.

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