Marriages: July 18-Aug. 3 |

Marriages: July 18-Aug. 3

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July 18

Gunsalus and Sheftal: Jennifer Lin Gunsalus and Logan Alec Sheftal.

July 19

Starr and Cooper: Alisha Diane Starr and Travis Scott Hendrix Cooper.

Becotte and Swafford: Barbara Jean Becotte and Kristine Marie Swafford.

July 20

Rogers and Davis: Christina April Rogers and Bradford Whitney Davis.

Vonseeburg and Perez: Kathryn Elizabeth Vonseeburg and Alvino Constacia Perez, Jr.

July 30

Taylor and Hargett: Angela Jean Taylor and Gregory James Hargett.

July 31

Turner and Key: Emilee Celeste Turner and Jason Thomas Key.

Cook and Clarin: Patricia Moran Cook and Mitchell Todd Clarin.

Dockstader and Young: Kathleen Marie Dockstader and Clifford Joseph Young.

Macauley and Hartsough: Katherine Arnot Macauley and Jeffery Hunter Kraetsch Hartsough.

Aug. 1

Crothers and Woods: Veronica Bonnie Crothers and Walter Ryan Woods.

Coffin and Zinola: Kymberly Michelle Coffin and Darin Jeffery Zinola.

Aug. 2

Aaron and Shallow: Allison Ann Aaron and Christopher Michael Shallow.

Aug. 3

Bleau and Meddles: Ruth Margrit Bleau and Dennis Lee Meddles.

Ganeles and Ferrie: Kimberly Kay Ganeles and Colin Ryan Ferrie.

Colunga and Campos: Loreal Rae Colunga and John Hector Campos.

Long and Thompson: Christy Lynn Long and John Carl Thompson.

Stockinger and Haynes: Aricka Lynn Stockinger and Jilian Nicole Haynes.

Gleason and Boucher: Virginia Helen Gleason and Roland Gerard Boucher.

Fie and Freschi: Jenna Christine Fie and John Richard Freschi, III.

Hart and Perkovich: Lori Ann Hart and Joseph Ian Perkovich.

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