MARRIAGES: JAN. 22- FEB. 16, 2018 |

MARRIAGES: JAN. 22- FEB. 16, 2018

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Jan. 22

Gonsalves and Ju: David J. Gonsalves and Miseon Ju.

Jan. 23

Miller and Heyser: Deanna Joyce Miller and Jeffrey Alan Heyser.

Jan. 25

Schroeder and Abney: Cheryl Ann Schroeder and William Paul Abney.

Jan. 31

West and Jhajj: Carolyn Aileen West and Harwinder Singh Jhajj.

Feb. 1

Vega and Smith: Cheri Lynn Vega and Samuel Raymond Smith, Sr.

Spatafore and Asher: Bettejean Louise Spatafore and Terry Evan Asher.

Feb. 2

Drymon and Warfield: Terri Ann Drymon and James William Warfield.

Feb. 8

Gordon and Kucyj: Kristy Marie Gordon and Jonathan Guy Kucyj.

Cummins and Betournay: Peggy Laverne Cummins and Richard Daniel Betournay.

Feb. 14

McCarthy and Shellenbarger: Kiersten McCarthy and Arron Shellenbarger.

Harvey and Eidelson: Julie Anne Harvey and Joel Robert Eidelson.

Feb. 16

Meek and Leontovich: Tally Ann Meek and Kyrivan Sevastian Leontovich.

Jungi and Funk: Brooke Sierra Jungi and Christopher Steven Rand Funk.

James and Laflin: Kimberly Logan James and Raymond Earl Laflin, Jr.

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