MARRIAGES: FEB. 28 – MAR. 30, 2018 |

MARRIAGES: FEB. 28 – MAR. 30, 2018

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Feb. 28

Walker and Caldwell: Dawn Marie Walker and Ryan Eugene Caldwell.

March 1

Kobierecki and Munro: Irene Marie Kobierecki and Steven James Munro.

Minn and Farmer: Alexandra Hong Minn and Ivan Macben Farmer.

Miodragovic and Dakan: Ivana Miodragovic and Garrett Michael Miodragovic.

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March 2

Chaney and Harries: Christianne Winter Chaney and Ernest Robert Harries.

Drost and Sundstrom: Natalie Marie Drost and Ariel Sundstrom.

March 12

Scott and Rowley: Vanessa Lianne Scott and Travis Ray Rowley.

March 13

DeSilva and Douglas: Marianne DeSilva Nmn DeSilva and Richard Allen Douglas.

Ivani and Austin: Paola Carla Ivani and Tyler Lee Keith Austin.

March 14

Chartier and Christensen: Megan Elizabeth Chartier and Bryan Richard Christensen.

Peacock Antognini and Cozakas: Leslie Anne Peacock Antognini and Jeremy Michael Cozakas.

Gozlan and Valensky: Tel Nicole Gozlan and Elihou Valensky.

Larson and Paasche: Jade Brittani Larson and Eric Edmond Paasche.

March 19

Harrison and Yadroff: Jennifer Marie Harrison and Dennis Michael Yadroff.

March 20

Doolittle and Hioki: Jennifer Marie Doolittle and Jerad Glen Hioki.

Woodgrift and Burch Cienfuegos: Karli Reese Woodgrift and Ryan Anthony Burch Cienfuegos.

Swett and Sidle: Alene Swett and Clinton Connor Sidle.

March 23

Keller and Harvey: Claire Elizabeth Keller and Jesse Dalton Harvey.

March 26

Roediger and Sarantopoulos: Paual Renee Roediger and Steven Lewis Sarantopoulos.

Bagatan and Garcia: Mary Lou Garsuta Bagatan and Emmanuel Garcia.

Tanner and Tanner: Todd Joseph Tanner and Kathryn Jean Tanner.

March 28

Powell and Riley: Sienna Willow Powell and Travis Scott Riley.

March 30

Fenning and Hodge: Samantha Jo Fenning and Matthew Leon Hodge.

Quintana and Elizalde: Lucy Charmin Quintana and Shane Thomas Elizalde.

Ethridge and Carroll: Julia Tekoa Ethridge and Jacob Hudson Carroll.

April 9

Hill and Cunnington: Kristen Brianne Hill and Aaron Dayne Cunnington.

April 10

Bolbol and Cuviello: Deniz Marie Bolbol and Joseph Patrick Cuviello.

April 12

Pattee and Cowell: Allysa Nichole Pattee and Nathan Tyler Cowell.

April 13

Helbig and Beck: Crystal Lindsey Helbig and Ryan Joseph Beck.

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