MARRIAGES: FEB. 11 — FEb. 22, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: FEB. 11 — FEb. 22, 2019

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Feb. 11

Locks and Tober: Marie Lenee Locks and Daniel Paul Tober.

Feb. 12

Kolari and Jacobs: Cindy Renee Kolari and Paul Harmon Jacobs.

Feb. 13

Elrod and Demarest: Hayley Nicole Elrod and Rayond Orr Demarest.

Feb. 15

Ambrosius and Utecht: Arin Brook Ambrosius and Andrew Jason Utecht.

Scritchfield and Houts: Beverly Marie Scritchfield and Russell William Houts.

Staudohar and Ditmanson: Jade Riana Staudohar and Travis James Ditmanson.

Feb. 19

Sperle and Wittler: Dana Michelle Sperle and Matthew James Wittler.

Haddy and Feickert: Shannon Lee Haddy and Evan Michael Feickert.

Feb. 20

Botell and Rodriguez: Elizabeth Jillian Botell and Martin Rodriguez.

Kysor and Restad: Judy Lee Kysor and Dale Allen Restad.

Feb. 21

Arneson and Shurtz: Eileen Rose Arneson and Neil Lavell Shurtz.

Feb. 22

Cranberry and Fenner: Narissa Loraine Cranberry and Derek Jack Fenner.

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