Marriages: Dec. 26, 2018 — Jan. 11, 2019 |

Marriages: Dec. 26, 2018 — Jan. 11, 2019

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Dec. 26

Myers and Haines: Theresa Anne Myers and Dean Charles Haines.

Bass and Pederson: Kartney Kathleen Bass and Bodhi Elisha Pederson.

Fairchild and Dillavou: Colleen Marie Fairchild and Jason Allen Dillavou.

Dec. 27

Knudsen and Anderson: Jasmine Marie Bjorn Knudsen and Nathan Daniel Anderson.

Bowman and Beatty: Deborah Elizabeth Bowman and Donald Scott Beatty.

Hughes and Blanchard: Leah Naomi Hughes and Casey Baker Blanchard.

Dec. 31

Doan and Toller: Suong Thi Tuyet Doan and Michael Alan Toller.

Wilkening and Neufeld: Shannon Michelle Jessie Wilkening and Preston Michael Neufeld.

Volek and Lewis: Veronica Anne Volek and Timothy Vinal Lewis.

Krause and Haglund: Michele Ruth Krause and Dennis Ray Haglund.

Jan. 1

Shubert and Kowalka: Kathleen Martha Shubert and Ronald Charles Kowalka.

Jan. 4

Going and Camachoamador: Lauren Patricia Going and Crisantos Camachoamador.

Matteoni and Kramer: Samantha Renee Matteoni and Elliott Cooper Kramer.

Jan. 9

Smith and Kistner: Kimberly Ann Smith and Adam Warren Kistner.

Jan. 10

Berolo and Davies: Angelina Rosina Berolo and Arthur Ellis Davies.

Jan. 11

Finch and Sunseri: Sandra Dawn Finch and Stephen Michael Sunseri.

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