Marriages: Aug. 13-24 |

Marriages: Aug. 13-24

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Aug. 13

Hondle and Tullar: Roberta Ann Hondle and Russell Dean Tullar.

Danos and McDowell: Donna Jean Danos and John Scott McDowell.

Martin and Triglianos: Nicole Aynsley Martin and Rebecca Elizabeth Triglianos.

Zampieri and Schwaiger: Linda Zampieri and Christian Adolph Schwaiger.

Lehmann and Sinn: Pamela Ann Lehmann and Michael Paul Sinn.

Aug. 14

Horn and Perry: Nicole Marie Suzanne Horn and Brian Daniel Perry, II.

Korkis and McDowell: Maya Jacques Korkis and Jason Robert McDowell.

Bullard and Arechiga: Britni Erika Bullard and Benjamin Christian Arechiga.

Aug. 15

Vieraityte and McLees: Giedre Vieraityte and Ryan Paul McLees.

Huber and Freeman: Jeana Marie Huber and Shane Camron Freeman.

Nix and Salerno: Stephanie Ann Nix and Eugene Anthony Salerno.

Jennett and Thomas: Victoria Margaret Jennett and Keean Matthew Thomas.

Aug. 16

Ramsey DeJesus and Hastings: Deborah Carol Ramsey DeJesus and Kevin Paul Hastings.

Sekulich and McLaughlin: Julia Maria Sekulich and Rory Alan McLaughlin.

Aug. 17

Rogers and Glowczwskie: Mary Anna Rogers and Corey Vincent Glowczwskie.

Springer and Rowe: Deliah Amanda Springer and Thomas Michael Rowe.

Przepiorski and Brewer: Kassandra Marie Przepiorski and Wyatt Christian Brewer.

Aug. 21

Tajiri and Brown: Yuri Bendrick Tajiri and Copernicus Michael Brown.

Aug. 22

Scherer and Hauser: Rebecca Gayle Scherer and Drew Palmer Hauser.

Bilstein and Hayes: Corinne Diane Bilstein and Benjamin Aaron Hayes.

Aug. 23

Bonnet and Tichenor: Carrie Feldman Bonnet and Timothy Michael Tichenor.

Briske and Gore: Barrett Suzanne Briske and Matthew Robert Gore.

Colby and Warren: Judith Ann Colby and Danial Palmer Warren.

Pack and Hansen: Sandra Marie Pack and Mark Richard Hansen.

Pacillo and Cosbie: Brianna Nicole Pacillo and Jonathan Handy Cosbie IV.

Aug. 24

Stone and Stumpf: Emily Rheanne Stone and Benjamin Calivn Stumpf.

Reichmuth and Bjeldanes: Stacie Marie Reichmuth and Jacob Ole Bjeldanes.

Mistrettaagoado and Mitts: Gina Lee Mistrettaagoado and James Allen Mitts II.

Cena and Murray: Kristina Marie Cena and Evan Wesley Murray.

Griffin and McFadden: Jessica Rachel Griffin and Micah Miles McFadden.

Cooley and Holmes: Christy Grace Cooley and Everett Lee Holmes, III.

Gomez and Bonifacio: Elia Gomez and Joseph Angeles Bonifacio.

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