MARRIAGES: APRIL 23 – may 4, 2018 |

MARRIAGES: APRIL 23 – may 4, 2018

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April 23

Mathew and Kannall: Priya Ann Mathew and Lucas Dominic Kannall.

Ray and Vaughn: Claire Elizabeth Ray and Kurt John Vaughn.

April 24

Pelayo and Menig: Faith Teeweewas Pelayo and Ryan Thomas Menig.

April 26

Katz and Reynolds: Linda Susan Katz and Bradley John Reynolds.

April 27

Foreman and Lyon: Linda Eve Foreman and John Theodore Lyon.

April 30

Blackwell and Berrette: Teri Lynn Blackwell and Nicholas Alexander Barrette.

Gomez and Mejia: Yvette Anne Gomez and Gabriel Alexander Mejia.

May 1

Wells and Redd: Stacey Warren Wells and Coryon Shaw Redd.

May 2

Schmidt and Poyner: Carrie Ann Schmidt and Bryan John Poyner.

May 3

Block-Waller and Smith: Emilie Rose Block-Waller and Randy Lee Smith.

May 4

Gray and Smith: Amber Beth Gray and Steven Wesley Smith.

Araujo and Charron: Ellen Marie Araujo and Nicholas Devere Charron.

Lunde and Salvatore: Marianne Young Lunde and Eligio Michael Salvatore.

Emerson and Staggs: Kimberly Lynn Emerson and Eric Andrew Staggs.

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