Marriage licenses: Oct. 21-25, 2013 |

Marriage licenses: Oct. 21-25, 2013

Oct. 21

Jacobson and Bowen: Claire Willa Jacobson and Richard Laurence Bowen.

Prior and Mortz: Breanna Marin Prior and Travis Alexander Mortz.

Pozos and Bermudez: Adrian Lee Pozos and Emily Elizabeth Bermudez.

Oct. 22

Thomas and Williams: Kweku Noemi Thomas and Orfeo Williams.

Recommended Stories For You

Bentley and Chedwick: Elizabeth Ruth Bentley and Theodore Curtis Chedwick.

Oct. 23

Murillo and Peeler: Marcela Maria Murillo and David Bryan Peeler.

Beck and Ryan: Pamela Gail Beck and Roger John Ryan.

Oct. 24

Alpaugh and Frederick: Deborah Ann Alpaugh and Troy Derick Frederick.

Rinkleib and Murphy: Karen Marie Rinklieb and Timothy Patrick Murphy.

Oct. 25

Rodriguez and Greenidge: Tawni Kristian Rodgriguez and Michael Alan Greenidge.

Beltran and Weber: Carolina Rosales Beltran and Christopher Hoehl Weber.

Keefe and Allen: Richard Michael Keefe and Bert Lemuel Allen.

Pawiak and Ebner: Staci Lorraine Pawiak and Patrick Wesley Ebner.

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