Births: March 6-25, 2018 |

Births: March 6-25, 2018

Submitted to The Union

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

March 6

Richardson and Akin: A girl was born to Deanna Richardson and Colton Akin.

March 9

Lawless and Cicogni: A girl was born to Denise Lawless and Roby Cicogni.

March 12

Kenney: A girl was born to Brianna and Richard Kenney.

March 17

Thomas: A boy was born to Jessica and Saxon Thomas.

March 18

Anderson and Lucich: A boy was born to Kayla Anderson and Nate Lucich.

March 21

Costa and Tyler: A boy was born to Antoinette Costa and Sean Tyler.

March 23

Warren and Sierras: A boy was born to Sara Warren and Arthur Sierra.

March 24

Kohler: Twin girls were born to Katie and Jordan Kohler.

March 25

Moore and Monaghan: A boy was born to Jeddah Moore and Jeffrey Monaghan.

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