An interview with Cherisha Heart of the band Naked |

An interview with Cherisha Heart of the band Naked

– Rick Kirkpatrick, Director of the13

Prospector: Why did you name your band “Naked”?

Cherisha Heart: The name “Naked” to us means no cover-ups. What we are is what you get – not two-faced and no B.S. It also symbolizes freedom, the way we were all created and is the most natural state of being.

Pros: Unusual names too – Cherisha Heart and Christian Sun. Is there a message here?

CH: Because we are unique individuals. Our parents are non-conformists and decided to give us names that are out of the ordinary.

Pros: I understand you were raised on the San Juan Ridge. How has that experience shaped your musical career?

CH: Growing up on the ridge greatly enhanced our musical career. We would play guitar and sing together every night, sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. Being surrounded by nature and quietness was also the perfect environment for creativity and clarity of mind.

Pros: Please describe your music.

CH: All of our songs are originals, written by our brother and bass player, Jasper Rock. Our style of music is classic progressive rock with a definite influence from the early ’70s. Our message is pro peace, love, and freedom.

Pros: Any musical training?

CH: We grew up with a musical background and learned to sing and perform at a very young age. I was 8 when I learned to play guitar. My brother, Chris, started playing at age 6 and Jasper also started young and wrote his first song at the age of 8. Growing up we would perform together at local events in Nevada City and Grass Valley.

Pros: What will you be playing at the concert Friday?

CH: I will be playing rhythm and lead guitar at the concert and will be singing lead vocals as well. So a few titles of what we’ll be performing are “War,” “Debriefing,” “Restless Mind,” “No Price Too High” and “Give Me Revolution.”

Pros: Missionary work seems to be a part of your life. What’s this about? Also hear that the concert’s main purpose is to get you and one of your brothers to the Ukraine – to do missionary work?

CH: We have a spiritual background, which has also influenced our music and lyrics. We are non-conformist Christians but we don’t consider ourselves religious in the context that people would relate that word to. Our mission is to convey the Naked truth to the world through our music. We are currently working towards the goal of sending our band and the rest of our team on a trip to Ukraine to share our music and message. Visit our Web site for more information.

Pros: Do you have albums? How about a Web site?

CH: We have one album that we will be releasing very soon, hopefully on the day of the concert. It’s called “Drugstore,” and it is our first professional album as a band. We don’t have anything filmed on YouTube or anything to connect it too yet, either. But we’re still working on all of that. We’re getting back together pretty much, kind of starting over as a band.

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