Alternative health practitioners discuss migraine causes, treatments |

Alternative health practitioners discuss migraine causes, treatments

Suzie interviewed a variety of healing arts practitioners, asking them about solutions for migraine headaches.

Migraines are a very common and debilitating neurological disorder. Recently, The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that migraines were ranked 19th in the world among all causes of years lived with a disability.

And, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported there were nearly 28 million Americans who suffer from migraines.

Many migraine sufferers use only medications to treat their migraines. Others use complementary, integrative and alternative approaches to get to deeper issues of the disorder.

The following comments are from local practitioners as they answer the question:

What is a good solution for migraine headache relief?

Naturopathic Medicine

Migraines can be treated effectively with Naturopathic remedies. There are studies showing decreased severity and/or intensity of migraines using remedies including the vitamin riboflavin, the mineral magnesium, the herbs butterbur and feverfew and fish oil concentrate. Craniosacral therapy and massage can also be helpful. Lifestyle changes make a big difference. Try to decrease stress and avoid trigger foods that contain vasoactive amines including beer, wine, cheese, chocolate and shellfish.

Gregory Weisswasser N.D.

Whitewater Naturopathic Medicine



In Acupuncture, migraines are commonly seen as emerging from an imbalance in the realm of the gallbladder and the liver. This is often a result of an overload of stress, suppressed emotions, incorrect diet, etc. One would initially decompress the congestion. On a deeper level, one would help the individual to release the whole tendency to accumulate this congestion – the result: less migraines and greater quality of life.

Angela Ingendaay M.D.

Artemisia Integrative Medicine


Chinese Energetic Medicine

Science and logic suggest that migraines originate with stress, tight muscles or spinal pressure. Chinese Energetic Medicine recognizes and tests six major influences of pain. Correcting whatever blocks the body’s energetic flow eliminates the pain. No guessing. Whether the source issue is a chronic pattern of thought (energy) or an acute response to stress, once corrected, the energy works in the body like a homeopathic solution, eliminating the migraine.

Larry Kiser

Chinese Energetic Medicine

432-9096 or 210-1994.


Migraines represent a fairly specific group of symptoms, including unrelenting pain in the head. The secret to finding a successful treatment is discovering the individual and unique reasons why the headaches starts for each patient. Lasting migraine treatment must look for the root cause, which may be biomechanical, hormonal, neurochemical, emotional, psychological, bioelectronical, or even spiritual. Osteopathic whole body treatment can provide a successful support to body system rebalancing and reduce or eliminate migraine headaches.

Daniel M. Allen, D.O.



Most treatments for migraine headaches focus on the symptoms of debilitating head pain, not addressing the underlying causes of the condition. I have found that migraines are primarily a “belly” problem. The symptoms usually include sensitivity to light and sound, as well as gastrointestinal symptoms and food sensitivities, all of which indicate an adrenal problem caused by a chronic fear response. In treatment, I would evaluate the underlying physical, mental/emotional and chemical causes and gently remove the interference utilizing a system called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.

Don Williams, DC

Health Options



As migraine sufferers well know, there is no one “magic pill” for the relief of a migraine headache. Migraines painfully signal to us that there is a deep imbalance within our system – it is not just about the head or gut. Homeopathy looks beyond the classic neuralgia, nausea and vertigo, and takes into account one’s individual characteristic signs and symptoms, mental, emotional and physical. Then a specific remedy “just for you” is prescribed.

Susan Schimmel, Homeopath

Peaceful Healing



Suzie Daggett is the TV host of Healing INsights on NCTV, and the publisher of INSIGHT, the Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 265-9255 or

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