Air conditioning systems – cooling and comfort specialists |

Air conditioning systems – cooling and comfort specialists

There are many ways to be cool. An air conditioning system is one of the best.

When there is a new product unleashed in the electronics industry the news is splashed all over the business pages of newspapers and magazines. Other industries, air conditioning, for example, have changed immensely but very little information is ever reported about it. Twenty years ago air conditioning systems were a major factor in air pollution. The older varieties of refrigerants were damaging to the ozone layer. That problem is greatly lessened because 90% of systems sold today use environmentally- friendly refrigerants. Not too many years ago air conditioning systems were quite expensive to operate, but minimum efficiency laws in California have brought that cost down immensely. Today a well-maintained system can cost less than $200 a season in energy bills.

Indoor air purifying systems are now available as a part of a heating or air conditioning system. Electronic air cleaners and high efficiency air filters capture particles in the air such as pollen, dust mites, dirt, pet dander, viruses, mold spores and contaminants in the form of gases. Consumers should look for air filtrations systems with a high MERV rating. This rating describes the size of the holes in the filter that allow air to pass through”the higher the MERV rating the better the air filtration.

Brewer’s Heating and Air has been in business in Nevada City since 1983. Owner, Rob Brewer and his, wife, Sheree, do many design and build projects with local businesses and home builders including Friar Tucks and the Sierra Foothills Medical Building on Sierra College Drive. There are several considerations a customer must make when choosing an air conditioning system. Rob Brewer recommends:

Whether you have natural gas or propane available will make a difference in what system you choose.

Different efficiency options are available for different heating/cooling conditions. Efficiency is not as critical for customers that live at higher elevations.

Hire an air conditioning specialist and get an estimate from more than one company.

Ask questions about how quiet a system is or get a demonstration.

Make sure the system is right for the size of the house. An over-sized system will not only cost more but be less effective over the years.

Cooling (and heating) systems use more energy than any other appliance in the home. “It’s generally agreed in the industry that service calls more than make up for their cost with better efficiency in the system,” Paul Aguilar of A&A Heating commented. The maintenance of an air conditioning system is fairly straight forward, but small problems can create large energy losses. Keeping your system tuned up is also an important way of doing your part to protect our environment. For example, duct leakage is a very simple fix, but it can cause up to 40% energy loss if left undiscovered. Aguilar gives these tips to keep your air conditioning system running economically and effectively.

– Turn thermostat down at night.

– Keep doors and windows closed.

– Replace filters regularly. Dirty air filters can reduce efficiency of the system by 30%.

– Have the system tuned up at least once a year.

Alternatives to air conditioning systems are also available. A whole house fan is an economical and comfortable cooling system installed in many homes. They are particularly good for this region where nights are cool. Their disadvantage is that they do pull in dust and might not be recommended for people with allergies or breathing problems. Evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers” are also a popular, economical way to bring the temperature down in the house. They require very little electricity to run and their upfront costs are reasonable. Down flow evaporative coolers installed on a roof can circulate air through the duct work. The disadvantage of evaporative coolers is that they require regular maintenance and can only bring down the temperature of the house about 15 degrees. On those 100 degree days they aren’t as effective.

Grass Valley Air Conditioning Company offers a ground source heat pump system which pulls heat out of the ground in winter to warm the house and coolness from the ground in the summer to keep the temperature down. This system is economical and environmentally friendly.

Any number of solutions will work to beat the heat. It’s not hard to find the one that best fits your home’s requirements and budget. Cool!!

Companies in our area include:

A&A Air Conditioning, Heating and Sheet Metal, 273-1301

Brewer Refrigeration, Heating & A/C, 272-6351

Grass Valley Air Conditioning, 272-8171

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