Actor Katie Rubin: Jung at heart |

Actor Katie Rubin: Jung at heart

Hot theater tip: Don’t miss “Insides OUT!” – the mind-bending solo show written and performed by one of my favorite actors ever, Katie Rubin.

Katie pulls freely from an impressive array of performance skills, using stand-up comedy, poetry, song, improvisation and monologue to dramatize the conflict between the seven Jungian archetypes in her own psyche: The Inner Child, The Hostage, The Romantic, The Judge, The Trickster, The Artist and The Wise Woman. These seven are Katie’s constant, bickering companions as she journeys through high school, college, work and a dizzying parade of substance and behavioral addictions. Like millstones around her neck, they drag her down until she hits an emotional bottom. Having hit this place of vulnerability and selflessness, she becomes willing to do it a different way and in so doing, she sifts through the crowd of voices in her mind and discovers the voice that’s truly her own.

Katie has performed the show in New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco and various points in between, including a nine-week run at Sacramento Theatre Company (the last four weeks were sold out).

I’ve seen Katie act in three plays (“Insides OUT!” will be the fourth). I’m a fan for life. I was trying to explain it to her and Mindy Stover (also in the “Urinetown” cast) at a recent gathering:

GARY: You’re so amazing, Katie, I just love watching you act – every time I see you in something, I can’t explain it, I just love watching you, um… act.

KATIE (graciously): Thank you.

MINDY: That’s kinda creepy, Gary.

I guess it was a little weird, but I’ve been thinking about it since then. What is this mysterious, ineffable quality Katie has as an actor? I think it’s her awareness. In a moment when most actors would only have one point of view, Katie, somehow, seems to have seven. One archetype may find the moment amusing, while another finds it tragic, endearing, trivial, threatening, mysterious, or, um … creepy. Katie is simply aware on more levels than the average human. I may not be saying it exactly right, but this is probably as close as I can get and still turn this article in on deadline. Point is, don’t miss “Insides OUT!” It’s bound to be a special evening in the theater. See you there!


Gary Wright has toiled in the vineyards of nonprofit theaters, large and small, for a quarter-century. For the past 14 years, he has served the Foothill Theatre Company as actor, playwright, director, promo copywriter, literary manager and menial laborer.

WHAT: Insides OUT! written and performed by Katie Rubin, presented by Foothill Theatre Company.

WHEN: Wednesday and March 26 at 7 p.m.

WHERE: The Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad St., Nevada City

ADMISSION: General seating is $20

INFORMATION: (530) 265-8587.

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