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A school that proves they care: Silver Springs students share graduation speeches

Matthew Brown
Silver Springs High School

Editor’s note: Graduation season has begun, and The Union will run photos and text from planned student speeches from many of the high schools in the area. This is from Thursday night’s Silver Springs High School graduation.

Hello! My name is Matthew Brown.

First, I’d like to say congratulations to all my friends who are graduating along side me, and thank you to all the teachers here that made it possible.

Now the reason I am so proud to be graduating from this school, is because it was the only school to ever prove they cared.

When entering high school as a freshman, I had no idea what was to come. I struggled to complete work and could never get the individual teaching I needed. So, after two years of struggling I was sent to what I saw as purgatory, Silver Springs High School.

It was intimidating, my junior year, walking into the school I had heard so much about. I went in expecting nothing but the worst and instead got nothing but the best.

I was given teachers who cared about me and how I learn, and a principal who would stop at nothing to make a good person out of every student at the school.

The school was for the broken. This school was for me.

I was taken on trips to places I’ve never been, and taught things I never knew. My grades skyrocketed and so did my happiness. And from the kid who once was praying he’d pass with “D’s” is now graduating and going to college.

So again, I’d like to say thank you to the teachers who changed my life: Shawn Silva, Tami Haas, Kelly Good, and Fred Metz.

And thank you to the office workers and friends, Marty Mathesien, Sabri Torkman, Heather Quiggle, Karen Mead, Paul Haas, Chuck Patterson, and Officer Sara Perry.

Thank you for being role models. Thank you for being what a good hearted person looks like.

Matthew Brown is graduating from Silver Springs High School.

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